Nanny Mayor orders supersize downsize

May 31, 2012

Katy Grimes: In the land of nanny governments, contradictions abound. In California, lawmakers have banned and taxed smoking, tried to ban plastic bags and polystyrene food containers, regulated the Happy Meal, mandated breaks and vacation time for babysitters, and even ordered fitted sheets in hotels for housekeepers.

In the Assembly right now, one legislator wants mandatory dog licensing. Another tried for mandatory pet neutering.

It never stops. But in New York City, the chief nanny, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has ordered the downsizing of supersize sodas.

Real Clear Politics reported that Bloomberg is trying to “force you to understand” that something has to happen to deal with obesity.

We’ve got to do something. Everybody is wringing their hands saying we’ve got to do something. Well, here is a concrete thing. You can still buy large bottles in stores. But in a restaurant, 16 ounces is the maximum that they would be able to serve in one cup. If you want to order two cups of the same time, that’s fine. It’s your choice. We’re not taking away anybody’s right to do things. We’re simply forcing you to understand that you have to make the conscious decision to go from one cup to another cup,” NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said about his proposal to ban sugary drinks 16oz or larger, RCP reported.

But there is no word on just how Bloomberg plans to police those who dare to drink more than 16 ounces of soda at a sitting, unless he plans to outlaw the Big Gulp.

The sheer imbecility isn’t the only thing wrong with this rule; the message that only the government knows what’s allowable in personal portion control and nutrition.

And, Bloomberg only went after soda. He has not yet attacked milk shakes and malts, the Frappuccino, McFreezy, or Blizzard. What’s next on his hit list… ice cream? Mac and cheese? Hungryman frozen dinners?

What’s of particular offense to many is that while obesity may be increasing, so is exercise, and eating right. There are millions of people eat well and exercise without being ordered to by Mayor Bloomberg.

Diet and health is a huge issue in America, but I lay the problem right at the feet of the government. With the increase of government mandated school lunches, and now school breakfast, dinner, and a snack, school children have never been larger. Added together with cut backs on recess and P.E., government intervention is the real problem.

Who knows what’s in Bloomberg’s head other than lording over his fiefdom. A better and more sincere solution would have been educating his masses on healthy food choices, encouraging parents to feed their own children, and to decide what and how much their kids eat and drink.

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