Legislators regulating dog groomers, dental hygienists

June 19, 2012

Katy Grimes: If you thought the June election might make California Democrats take pause and re-examine their business-killing policies, think again.

Today in the Assembly Business, Professions And Consumer Protection Committee, bills to regulate dog groomers, dental hygienists, Naturopath doctors, practitioners of Chinese medicine and even alarm companies are about to be even more regulated.

Here is the list with links to the bills:

9 a.m. – State Capitol, Room 447


Measure:        Author:    Summary:

S.B. No. 467  Pavley. Department of General Services: contracts for en-

ergy efficiency information technology products or services.

S.B. No. 633  Huff. Bonds: fine for unauthorized use.

S.B. No. 969  Vargas. Pet groomers.

S.B. No. 1077  Price. Alarm companies: limited liability companies.

S.B. No. 1099  Wright. Regulations.

S.B. No. 1202  Leno. Dental hygienists.

S.B. No. 1266  Corbett. Resource conservation lands: appraisal process.

S.B. No. 1301  Hernandez. Prescription drugs: 90-day supply.

S.B. No. 1387  Emmerson. Metal theft.

S.B. No. 1395  Rubio. State Auditor.

S.B. No. 1427  De Leon. State contracts: electronic goods: bid preference

for refurbished electronics.

S.B. No. 1446  Negrete McLeod. Naturopathic doctors.

S.B. No. 1488  Yee. Healing arts: California traditional Chinese Medicine

traumatologist certification.

S.B. No. 1575  Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development. Professions and vocations.

S.B. No. 1576  Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development. Professions and vocations.

S.C.R. No. 82  Blakeslee. California veterans of the Iraq War: memorial.


If you can stomach it, you can watch it live on the California Channel, HERE.

I will be there and will report on the outcome.





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