CA GOP calls for immediate healthcare reform

Aug. 11, 2012

Katy Grimes: BURBANK — The California Republican Party convention is taking place this weekend in Burbank, CA.  While there have been guffaws and snickers about the relevance of the Caalifornia Republicans, the party made significant gains in the June primary, but this was largely ignored by most of the California media.

The convention agenda is not packed as full as previous meetings given that many politicians are campaigning for November races, but there is still plenty of red meat being offered.

Repeal Obamacare

A forum on “The Future of Health Care” was an excellent panel presentation to a packed room. Health care insiders presented facts about the impacts of Obamacare, and John Eastman discussed Obamacare following the recent Supreme Court decision.

Eastman, an attorney, Professor and Dean at Chapman Law School, and former candidate for State Attorney General, asked audience members, “What happened on June 28, who did it, and why?”

“There was this little case up at the Supreme Court,” Eastman said. “28 states sued the federal government. Eastman said that liberals predicted case wouldn’t even get to Supreme Court. Eventually the liberals won, and Eastman described the Roberts decision as an “unmitigated disaster.”

“It was a 5-4 decision on the individual mandate, forcing you to enter into commerce. It’s just unconstitutional,” Eastman said.  

Another part of the decision Eastman said, is that it positions the states to radically expand Medicaid programs, from just a safety net program, to covering one-fifth of the people in the entire country. And if states don’t adhere to the new mandates, the bully federal government has threatened to take away all existing Medicare and Medicaid funds.

“A few states will beat their chests to make a political point, but outliers won’t be able to stand that position very long,” Eastman said.

Eastman was critical of Chief Justice John Roberts, as it appears that Roberts changed his vote after the tentative vote was taken by the Court. 

It is rare, but not unheard of according to Eastman. But Roberts seems to have done this all by himself, without benefit of briefing or argument. 

It it a tax?

“If this is a tax, we have to ask what kind of tax it is – it is not an excise tax, a duty tax, or income tax,” Eastman said. “It is a tax on everybody just for being there. A direct tax. But his decision was sophomoric and wrong. It could not be possible this good lawyer convinced himself.”

“Is he a grand chess master?” Eastman asked. “Was the vote to uphold this bill, which is so unpopular with American people, cost Obama election, and prove he is a liar?” Eventually Justice Ginsburg will retire and we’ll get conservative justice,” Eastman said. 

“More likely, the vote was getting political and Roberts was trying to protect court from the political,” Eastman said. “But again, he was wrong. If he was trying to keep the court out of politics, he was wrong.”

The saving grace is that Eastman said that this is now part of political discussion going into November. “We have a chance to repeal the bill. The notion that Congress can do what it wants, has to be so repudiated, needs to be set back a generation.”

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  1. P Colin
    P Colin 12 August, 2012, 11:10

    The title to you post is completely wrong. It should be titled, Eastman disapproves of Roberts decision. Your post states no info on reform. Please entitle future posts correctly or face becoming irrelevant such as Red County.

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  2. Curious
    Curious 12 August, 2012, 14:03

    Exactly what “significant gains” did the GOP make in June? CD 31?

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  3. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 12 August, 2012, 17:41

    I say we have Obamacare- whether we like it or not-lets take it for a test drive for TWO YEARS, if it is not working out we will can it, but I want to give it a shot now that all the time, effort, energy and costs have gone into it’s legality.

    You may not agree with it-but it is here and we owe a duty to at least TRY it, lets see if it works first hand.

    As na Independant I am not making decisions on a party line position or vote.

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  4. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 12 August, 2012, 18:38

    Riiight Rex, let’s just let the best healthcare system in the world be detroyed and then we can think about ‘going back’.
    Obamacare creates an artificial doctor shortage up front by creating an environment where more people will visit a doctor, (or try to), just because it’s cheap, but the real whammo to doctors is limiting what they are paid under Obamacare. A doctor’s ‘practice’ is a business and businesses without profits close.

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  5. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 12 August, 2012, 21:52

    Riiight Rex, let’s just let the best healthcare system in the world be destroyed and then we can think about ‘going back’.

    [email protected] “…the best healthcare system in the world…” Hahhahahahah…

    Hold on Larry while I wipe up all the milk I just spit up on my computer screen from LMFAO!

    We have the most efficient and costly health care system in the developed world. Your talking point propaganda may work at a GOP rally, but not with me or anyone else who has studied the issue. But thanks for the laugh 🙂

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  6. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 12 August, 2012, 21:53

    Obamacare ha snot even been implemented, so stop the scare tactics. Liek I said, if it doesn’t work we can 86 it. But it is here and we’re trying it out. SO you might as well try to not be a road block.

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  7. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 13 August, 2012, 06:32

    Ok Rex answer me this: If a person anywhere in the world becomes seriously ill where do they want to go for treatment?

    ps: If you answer ‘Cuba’, then maybe your intelligence level IS that of a dog.

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  8. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 13 August, 2012, 06:50

    Rex, healthcare in the US is what it is today because of government intervention and regulation. It is already partially socialized, thanks to managed care. But that can be corrected with a total free market approach, if we can get government out.

    Agreeing to try Obamacare is like a temporary tax — when is that last time you saw a temporary tax go away?


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  9. P Colin
    P Colin 13 August, 2012, 10:24

    First choice is the USA and they would pay a premium for that treatment. Unfortunately, we pay the same premium to cover our own treatment as well as those without insurance and those over 65. Our healthcare system is on it’s own end of life plan. Getting rid of Obamacare is fine as long as you have a plan to fix healthcare because today it cannot sustain itself.

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  10. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 13 August, 2012, 10:52

    Yes, we can go to Cuba…someoen help me get thru these comments!!!!! 🙂

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  11. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 13 August, 2012, 11:03

    But that can be corrected with a total free market approach, if we can get government out.

    Agreeing to try Obamacare is like a temporary tax — when is that last time you saw a temporary tax go away?

    #1- Gov was not in health care before Obama’s health care plan, it was run big Pharma, always has been, it has never been a “free market”, that is why Canadians get American drugs cheaper than Americans can. Do you think that is from the free market Katy???? Nope.

    Try to shop around for the best deal, not out there-the entire industry is run by Big Business, and Big Pharma is the MOST profitable in America, has been for a number of years. That is what happens when you pass corporate welfare laws like the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, also called the Medicare Modernization Act or MMA passed by a corrupted Congress in 2003.

    The U.S. doesn’t negotiate drug prices with or set profit margins for drug companies, an oligarchy, driving drug prices thru the roof with monopoly practices. As a result, American consumers pay excessive prices for our prescription drugs. We pay an average of twice as much, for example, as our neighbors in Canada for identical drugs.

    I am not saying Obamacare is the answer b/c I just don’t know-but I am wiling to give it a test drive since it is here and on the track with the engine running.

    Don’t try to tell me with a straight fave we have a legitimate open and free market in healthcare. Obamacare will probably be an improvment, but if it is not we can repeal it.

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  12. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 13 August, 2012, 21:08

    Where is the California Republican Convention being held? Given the staggering numbers, it’s probably in the back dining room of the Denny’s restaurant on North Hollywood by the airport.

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