Desperate governor turns to distortions

Oct. 31, 2012 Steven Greenhut Gov. Jerry Brown has fiddled while Sacramento has burned, squandering his entire governorship on a pointless campaign to massively raise income taxes on the poor, middle class and wealthy Californians through the Prop. 30 sales and income tax hike. Now that the initiative’s support is failing — it’s below 50 percent according to most polls, despite PPIC’s previous poll showing it well ahead — the governor is lashing out. He’s blasting out of state and secret money.

As California Watch reported, “When an obscure Arizona group called Americans for Responsible Leadership gave $11 million  to defeat the governor’s tax measure and support an initiative that would weaken the political clout of unions, Brown called it illegal . The state Fair Political Practices Commission filed a lawsuit  Thursday under new state rules to force the group to provide records on the mystery donation.”

But Brown is being as cynical and deceptive as usual.

As Aaron Mclear of the anti-30 group points out, the pro-30 campaign is awash in campaign cash from out-of-state unions and is far outspending the “no” campaign:

“As the Yes on Prop 30 campaign tries to shift focus away from its “misleading” ads, the Governor has spent every day focused on money given to the Small Business Action Committee (SBAC), which opposes Prop 30 and supports Prop 32. It is important to report this in the context of overall money in this race and the money Prop 30 has received from the SBAC. A couple of points:

“1) Yes on Prop 30 committees have raised more than four times as much money as the No on Prop 30 campaign, including millions from out-of-state unions, and even a Texas oil company.

“2) The SBAC money has gone to both No on Prop 30 and Yes on Prop 32. Despite media reports and the Governor confusing this issue, only about a quarter of that money has gone to No on Prop 30.

“Here are the Prop 30 numbers as of this morning:

“Yes on Prop 30 committees: $53,447,996.40

“No on Prop 30 committee:  $12,957,151.00

It seems typical of the union side to scream about corporate donations just as they gear up their spending machine — a machine greased by donations taken by force from members, whereas the non-union side must raise its money voluntarily.

Even if Prop. 30 passes, the Legislature will squander the new dollars so fast that the governor and Legislature will quickly return to the table asking for more money.

Gov. Brown promised that he would stand up to special interests now that he has no more offices to seek in his late years, but instead he has turned out to be a one-trick pony who is always seeking more tax dollars and who basically does the bidding of the unions who have elected him.

Win or lose on Prop. 30, at least we know his sorry legacy.


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  1. us citizen
    us citizen 31 October, 2012, 18:56

    NO NO NO on prop 30 and 38

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  2. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 31 October, 2012, 18:58

    Clown is going to need major medication when Prop 30 gets destroyed. I am predicting no more than 40-45% yes votes for 30. Prop 30 will fail by at least 8-10% points.

    The jig is up, these public unions scams are out in the open, front and center, and virtually everyone knows the scam today-you couldn’t have said that 7,8 or 9 years ago when Arnold took the troughs on, and got killed. Not today, Arnold’s 4 ballot initiatives in 2004(??) would all pass today with plenty to spare….

    I think when 30 fails, spectacularly, that Rex, Steve, Katy, John and the rest of the CWD crew should throw a party…..and even invite Teddy and his sock puppets…… so when we can bask in our glory he will be forced to grovel at our feet 😉

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  3. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 31 October, 2012, 19:06

    us citizen says:
    NO NO NO on prop 30 and 38
    US Cit, they are toast, they are down to 45 points and that deficit will widen as the election nears. It is over for Clown, and he knows it, that is why he is behaving so erratically. He thought he had the juice to dupe the majority of us, including the poor, and he didn’t. He is going to have to come to terms with the public union fiasco, that he himself created, and has essentially allowed to go on abusing the state, the people and everything we stand for with impunity.

    Clown should have taken a HARD STAND on the pension reform, he should have canned the bullet train and he should have canned the dream act.

    By failing to take MAINTSREAM, middle of the road positions, he caved into the public unions, and more accurately he caved in because of their money-it is that simple, take the public union MONEY out of the equation and Clown would never have gone along with that sad pension legislation he claims is reform. He must now look in the morror and tell himself he is just a public pension whore, bought an dpauid for with THEIR special interest money, and he put them ahead of the poor and middle class. And it backfired and has cost him everything.

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  4. Hondo
    Hondo 31 October, 2012, 20:21

    It doesn’t matter if they pass 30 and 38, Kalifornia is taxed out. In 09, they raised taxes in Kali and two years later, huge deficits. In Illinois last year they had huge tax increases and this year they can’t balance their budget.
    Ross Perot, my hero, talked of a great big sucking sound. That big sucking sound is all the investment money being sucked out of Kalifornia and being spent else where if the tax increase is passed.
    Socialism fails when you run out of other peoples money and the money men run out on you. There is no more money left to steal. That wall of debt that Jerry Clown talked about is here.

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  5. Richard deSousa
    Richard deSousa 31 October, 2012, 20:28

    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!
    NO on Proposition 30, YES on Proposition 32!

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  6. Bob
    Bob 31 October, 2012, 21:03

    If anyone should be going to the hooskow for dirty dealing in this campaign it should be Moonbeam.

    The Old Brown Buzzard in a campaign appearance at CSU Chico announced he was bribing college students.

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  7. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 31 October, 2012, 22:50

    Boys…. your armpits are sweateeee… dream of buzzards jumping over fences….distraction and frustration interfere with meeting your cubicle call center quotas!

    Hint: No one reads your surly posts.

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  8. surfpunk
    surfpunk 1 November, 2012, 06:32

    uhaul, pack and ship

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  9. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 1 November, 2012, 18:01

    Your not sleeping well….coffee tasteless….anxiety ads on tv getting your attention… got lots to lose…..and your starting to lose it….Prop #30 is your elixir…..embrace the future…it could be bright!

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