CalWatchdog’s Comprehensive Guide to California Ballot Initiatives

Posted By Brian Calle

Over the past few months and days, contributors have been tracking and analyzing California’s ballot propositions for the November election. Below is analysis on some of the most consequential ballot measures voters are being asked to decide this election cycle:

Stories on Prop. 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increase proposal:

NEW: Prop. 30: California deserves better

Prop. 30 and Prop. 38 tax-and-spenders dogfight

The day after the election

Tax hike won’t solve Cal State’s budget problems
Leg committee hearing: Prop. 30 a loser
Crazifornia: Moneyball time in Sacramento
Brown, Munger end GOP monopoly on circular firing squads
Cal State teachers ‘bulldogging’ for Prop. 30
Cal State illegally promotes Prop. 30 tax increase
California Budget Project analysis of Prop. 30 slights slam to business, jobs
Gov. Brown’s pension non-reform

Prop. 30: Gov. Jerry Brown’s $8.5 billion income and sales tax increase
Video: Election watch: Props. 30 & 38
Chris Reed talks Props 30, 38 on National Public Radio

Stories on Prop. 31, two year budget cycle and regional government:

Trick or Treat? Proposition 31 is reverse of Prop. 13

Right and left attack Prop. 31 budget reform

Prop. 31 a tax-sharing scheme for deficit-plagued big cities and school districts
Which California cities will be Germany or Greece under Prop 31?
Prop. 31 would regionalize state revenue sharing
Beware Prop. 31: a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Prop. 31 is a Trojan Horse for wealth redistribution
Prop. 31 would redistribute local tax dollars
Prop. 31 should be an issue for left-wingers, too
Prop. 31 a pretense for elites to grab public funds away from local governments
Video: Katy Grimes dissects Prop. 31

Stories on Prop. 32, limits to union and corporate collection and usage of political monies:

Reform for California only a vote away

Prop. 32 could end union stranglehold on government
Low Ratings for Prop. 32 shows unhappy Californians unwilling to change
Prop. 32: Striking fear in the hearts of union bosses
Proponents, Opponents Exaggerate Prop. 32’s Effects
Prop. 32 Fight Won’t Be Settled in November
Legislative hearings attack Prop. 32
L.A. Times and Prop. 32: Will it repeat its stunning stand on Prop. 75?

Prop. 33, auto insurance persistency discounts:

Prop. 33 promotes auto insurance discount

Is Prop. 33 consumer friendly or not?

Prop. 34, to abolish California’s death penalty:

Prop. 34 latest attempt to abolish Calif. death penalty

Prop. 35, toughens sex crime penalties:

Prop 35. toughens sex crime penalties

Prop. 36, Three Strikes law:

Prop. 36 takes a swing at three strikes

Stories on Prop. 37, mandatory labeling of foods:

Prop 37: Right to know or right to sue?

Prop. 37 sets up ballot food fight
37 Is the new 65: A field day for trial lawyers
California’s Prop. 37 is not stricter food regulation

Stories on Prop. 38, tax increase to fund schools:

NEW: Video: Prop 39, The Clean Energy Jobs Destruction Act

Brown, Munger end GOP monopoly on circular firing squads
Prop 38 is a $10 billion income tax increase on nearly all income levels
Video: Election watch: Props. 30 & 38
Chris Reed talks Props 30, 38 on National Public Radio

Stories on Prop. 39, changes taxing on out of state businesses:

Prop. 39 increases taxes on out of state businesses trading with California

Prop. 39 and AB 1500: A taxing alliance

Steyer defends Prop. 39 to raise taxes on business

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