Will CA gun control also chase away businesses, jobs?

Girls With GunsJan. 22, 2013

By John Seiler

Here’s a question: Will more gun control laws in California chase away even more businesses and jobs than our high taxes already do?

I think the answer would be, Yes. A lot of people simply will not tolerate being disarmed against criminals and will move to states where they can adequately defend themselves and their families.

It will take about a decade to see the results of the draconian new attempts by New York and other left-wing states to grab the guns of the law-abiding. These states, like California, also like mugging taxpayers for more money. So a study would have to find out how to tease apart who is leaving only because of the higher taxes, who only because of the new violations of gun rights, who for both reasons and who for entirely different reasons.

As to guns, Thomas Sowell just wrote, “Gun control costs lives“:

“Most factual studies show no reduction in gun crimes, including murder, under gun control laws. A significant number of studies show higher rates of murder and other gun crimes under gun control laws.

“How can this be? It seems obvious to some gun control zealots that, if no one had guns, there would be fewer armed robberies and fewer people shot to death.

“But nothing is easier than to disarm peaceful, law-abiding people. And nothing is harder than to disarm people who are neither — especially in a country with hundreds of millions of guns already out there, that are not going to rust away for centuries.”

CA gun control

Despite that, California’s extremist left-wing Legislature is obsessed with taking away the guns of law-abiding citizens. It’s cynically using the Sandy Hook tragedy as an excuse to violate our Second Amendment “right to keep and bear arms.” The latest, as reported by the Chronicle:

“As President Obama prepares for a battle in Congress over proposed gun control legislation, California and San Francisco are moving forward with even more far-reaching proposals.

“The Golden State already has some of the toughest firearms laws in the nation, including a sophisticated background check database that has resulted in the confiscation of more than 10,000 guns since 2006.”

The article does not point out that leaves approximately 40 million guns remaining in the state, almost all of them owned by law-abiding citizens.

The Chronicle:

“San Francisco has been at the forefront of gun regulation, though its laws haven’t always withstood legal scrutiny. Now, both at City Hall and in Sacramento, politicians want to regulate another aspect of guns: ammunition.

“‘Bullets are what make guns deadly,’ said Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, who has authored legislation that would require ammunition buyers to provide identification and undergo a background check, and force sellers to apply for a state license and report all transactions to California authorities.”

But criminals easily could get bullets on the black market, or from out of state. So the law only would hurt the law-abiding.

30 bullets

Another target of the anti-gun rights fanatics is the number of bullets held in a magazine. But  Sowell, who taught marksmanship in the U.S. Marine Corps, writes:

“There are people who have never fired a shot in their life who do not hesitate to declare how many bullets should be the limit to put into a firearm’s clip or magazine. Some say 10 bullets but New York state’s recent gun control law specifies seven.

“Virtually all gun control advocates say that 30 bullets in a magazine is far too many for self-defense or hunting — even if they have never gone hunting and never had to defend themselves with a gun. This uninformed and self-righteous dogmatism is what makes the gun control debate so futile and so polarizing.

“Anyone who faces three home invaders, jeopardizing himself or his family, might find 30 bullets barely adequate. After all, not every bullet hits, even at close range, and not every hit incapacitates. You can get killed by a wounded man.

“These plain life-and-death realities have been ignored for years by people who go ballistic when they hear about how many shots were fired by the police in some encounter with a criminal. As someone who once taught pistol shooting in the Marine Corps, I am not the least bit surprised by the number of shots fired. I have seen people miss a stationary target at close range, even in the safety and calm of a pistol range.

“We cannot expect everybody to know that. But we can expect them to know that they don’t know — and to stop spouting off about life-and-death issues when they don’t have the facts.”

What extremist leftists like Skinner don’t know would fill the Library of Congress. Yet they still want to take our guns and leave us defenseless against roaming hoards of criminals. Hypocritically, she works in the Capitol in Sacramento, which is guarded by heavily armed California state troopers. If she thinks guns are evil, she should first ask the troopers to get rid of theirs.

Meanwhile, the almost inevitable imposition of more gun control in California is another reason to advance any bug-out plan. Gun-rights Arizona is only 225 miles away.

In Arizona, you don’t even need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. What a breath of freedom.

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