Prop. 8 protagonist: Media never cite her role in scam

March 22, 2013

By Chris Reed

KrisPerry.jpgThe pro-gay marriage movement continues to gather momentum, and I fully expect the Supreme Court to get aboard, with a 5-4 opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy upholding a lower federal-court ruling scrapping California’s Proposition 8 and its ban on same-sex marriage. I generally don’t like courts overturning ballot measures, but as a libertarian, gay marriage is fine by me.

But however one feels on the issue, it’s utter media malpractice that one of the married gay protagonists in the case, plaintiff Kris Perry, has a scandalous history that no one ever brings up. Here’s the background from a 2010 blog item I wrote:

“Last week I wrote at my amazement at how Kris Perry was being touted as the perfect plaintiff in the fight over gay marriage. Why? Because she played a central role in a brutal assault on California taxpayers: First 5’s decision to use $23 million in taxpayer funds in winter 2005-06 to pay for ‘preschool for all’ TV ads as First 5 founder/overlord Rob Reiner gathered signatures for his ‘preschool for all’ initiative. … [She refused] to testify at the March 8, 2006, hearing in Sacramento of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee that looked into this ripoff … .

Kris Perry: Ducking questions, responsibility

This is from the L.A. Times’ story of March 9, 2006, about the hearing:

“A committee of state senators and Assembly members directed the Bureau of State Audits to perform the fiscal review of the commission. First 5 ‘s executive director declined to answer the legislators’ questions, ‘at the advice of counsel.’ ….

“[Sen. Dave] Cox likened Reiner’s activities to those of former Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush and Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, both of whom resigned amid investigations into whether they used tax money to further their political goals. ….

“The audit also would ‘determine, if possible, whether there was coordination between the commission and the Proposition 82 campaign in the media purchases by the commission or expenditure of other public funds,’ Howle said. ….

“First 5 Director Kris Perry appeared at Wednesday’s hearing of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and said the commission welcomed the inquiry, but added that she would not answer lawmakers’ questions ‘at the advice of counsel.’

“Sen. Chuck Poochigian (R-Fresno), a member of the audit committee …, said Perry’s refusal “elevates my concern about charges of wrongdoing.”

First 5 emails were also deleted; media don’t care

As I wrote back in 2010:

“Perry and Reiner aren’t just ripoff artists. They’re sanctimonious ripoff artists who think they hold the high ground even though they used $23 million in taxpayer money for a political campaign. Pathetic.”

And the coverup didn’t just involve Perry’s refusal to testify. Emails of key officials were also deleted, as I wrote about in 2010. Nexis indicates I’m the only one who ever wrote about this possibly criminal activity. WTG, Sacramento media.

Kris Perry is a hero to some. To me, she’s just another shady public official — as well as a symbol of how poorly California journalists cover scandals when they sympathize with the alleged good intentions of the scandalous officials.

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