CA is voting itself right out of income and jobs

March 26, 2013

By Katy Grimes

Voter registration is down in California. The Secretary of State just published a report showing voters registered with a political party decreased from 78.9 percent to 77.1 percent since this time in 2010.

In California, registered Democrats number 43.9 percent, to Republicans 28.9 percent.

Green Party – 0.63 percent, Libertarians – 0.61 percent, Peace and Freedom – 0.34 percent, American Independent – 2.64 percent, and No Political Party Preference – 20.86 percent.

The next study which should be done is to find where the voters are going. I say Texas. And Nevada. And Arizona. And Tennessee.

And Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, and Washington have no state income tax. There are nine states with no state income tax.

“Oklahoma and Kansas have lowered their income-tax rates in the last two years with an aim toward eliminating the tax altogether,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “North Carolina’s newly elected Republican Governor Pat McCrory has prioritized tax reform this year and wants to reduce the income tax. Ditto for another newcomer, Mike Pence of Indiana, who has called for a 10% income-tax rate cut. Susana Martinez, New Mexico’s Republican Governor, has called for slashing the state corporate tax to 4.9% from 7.6%, and the first Republican-controlled legislature since Reconstruction in Arkansas is considering chopping its tax rates by as much as half.”

And Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman said in January that he wants to eliminate the state income tax and replace it with a broader sales tax. “Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who wants to zero out his state’s income tax (top rate 6%) and the 8% corporate tax and replace them by raising the state’s current 4% sales tax,” the WSJ reported. “He would also eliminate some 150 special interest exemptions from the sales tax, including massage parlors, art work and fishing boats.”

“A new analysis by economist Art Laffer for the American Legislative Exchange Council finds that, from 2002 to 2012, 62% of the three million net new jobs in America were created in the nine states without an income tax, though these states account for only about 20% of the national population,” the WSJ story said. “The no-income tax states have had more stable revenue growth, while states like New York, New Jersey and California that depend on the top 1% of earners for nearly half of their income-tax revenue suffer wide and destabilizing swings in their tax collections.”

We are doing everything wrong in California, and losing our voters to no-tax and low-tax states.

The state Democrats can keep up with their online and early voter registrations, but those students they are signing up aren’t income producers. And those who receive entitlements aren’t income producers, even though they are voting Democratic.

California needs income producers and middle class voters, not more welfare recipients and in-debt college students.


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  1. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 26 March, 2013, 11:11

    What California needs is fewer ignorant, gullible, stone cold stupid and ethically challenged voters. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen though. You will turn blue, pass out and wake up in the ambulance on the way to a 72 hour stay in the psych ward and nothing will have changed. Crazyfornia is in terminal self destruct mode and the voters are mostly apathetic about that. The state motto should be the Alfred E. Newman line – “What, me worry?”

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  2. Hondo
    Hondo 26 March, 2013, 11:26

    The future of the Republican party (if there is one at all) is Bobby Jindal. It is beyond belief Romney pick white bread Ryan for VP over much better qualified Jindal.

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  3. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 26 March, 2013, 15:29

    “….nothing will have changed….”

    Not entirely accurate. What with the trend towards making it easier and easier to register, lax poll-watching, and the “path to citizenship”, the proportion of “ignorant, gullible, stone cold stupid and ethically challenged voters” has only one way to go…….and that’s up.

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  4. stolson
    stolson 26 March, 2013, 16:00

    To produce a decent income, jobs paying a decent salary are needed. If a state is listed as one of the worst states for companies to do business in, and does nothing to combat this situation, you can expect the workers to leave.
    In place, will be the takers coming in. So eventually those wealthier along the coasts along with the increasing numbers of illegals and unemployed, and lower end workers, will make up a good portion of CA. A solid middle class will gradually dwindle.
    I am not sure how the govt plans to keep this state humming along.

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  5. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 26 March, 2013, 21:14

    Pack and Ship!

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  6. WackoCaliBird
    WackoCaliBird 26 March, 2013, 21:34

    Jerry and Darryl have a plan to retroactively tax everyone who left the state in the last two years.

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  7. WackoCaliBird
    WackoCaliBird 26 March, 2013, 21:37

    And “pre-tax” unborn children. A pregnancy tax. In this crazy, mismanaged state, it could happen.

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    NTHEOC 26 March, 2013, 22:09

    stolson says:
    To produce a decent income, jobs paying a decent salary are needed.
    Yes stolson, And it’s time for the private sector to bring back the UNIONS!!

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    NTHEOC 26 March, 2013, 22:11

    jimmydeeoc says:
    “ignorant, gullible, stone cold stupid and ethically challenged
    Wow, you finally looked in the mirror today!!!

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  10. Queeg
    Queeg 27 March, 2013, 08:50

    If unhappy leave……..we love California… union live better!!’m

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