Obamacare to raise CA costs, shutter Anaheim hospital

Dr. GigglesMarch 27, 2013

By John Seiler

Many people, including yours truly, have warned that Obamacare would lead to higher costs and worse medical care. That’s now happening like a heart attack.

A new estimate by the Society of Actuaries pegs increases in California medical claims costs by 2017 at 62 percent. This is for “individual health insurance markets, where people purchase coverage directly from insurers rather than get coverage from employers.”

Meanwhile, reported the Orange County Register, “Anaheim General Hospital, which made a rare turnaround two years ago after a near-fatal loss of federal funds, will go out of business in May.

“The closure will result in the loss of 142 hospital beds at a time when Orange County hospitals are preparing to serve more patients because of the federal Affordable Care Act.”

The hospital did have some problems meeting federal health requirements. The real cause of the closed hospital is the immense paperwork from Medicare, Medi-Cal — and now Obamacare.

Like Medicare itself, Obamacare is not designed to help the poor get health care. The poor were well taken care of by charity before 1965, as Ron Paul, himself a medical doctor, has pointed out. Instead, these programs have been created to increase federal control over our lives, and to pad the pockets of Big Pharma, Big Hospital, Big Health Insurance, the HMOs and rich doctors.

American medical care now has the worst of both worlds: the incompetency and high mortality of socialist medicine, and the high expense of capitalist medicine.



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  1. nativeCA
    nativeCA 27 March, 2013, 13:12

    John, I follow your blogs and you are usually spot on. However, after reading the source article in the OC Register, it appears you pegged this one wrong.
    The article states that the hospital lost federal funding due to a series of failed inspections. I have been a hospital nurse for 30+ years and been through many of said inspections. They come in, cite deficiencies and the hospital fixes them. Having funding yanked for repeated failure is a big deal and not done lightly. The article also states that the hospital admitted to recruiting homeless people to undergo procedures that could be billed to MCare/Mcaid.
    I’m one nurse who is dead-set against Obamacare. In fact, my current job is fighting Mcare appeals. That MCare “savings” that the admin boasts about is just CMS denying payment to hospitals for legitimate care given. I use my clnical expertise to rebut these denials. My hospital has millions of dollars of revenue tied up in these appeals. I’m with you John but this time,you got it wrong.

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  2. stolson
    stolson 27 March, 2013, 13:58

    Does anyone know the decision by Catholic hospitals and clinics as to Obamacare and abortions and the insurance mandated birth control measures?
    I once read they considered closing some. Haven’t heard since.

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  3. Hondo
    Hondo 28 March, 2013, 09:22

    I’m shocked, shocked, that Obama and the Dems lied to us about the cost of this service. Single payer is easily a better system than this train wreck.

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  4. Suheir Kilani
    Suheir Kilani 28 June, 2013, 02:56

    This is not good. It will affect lives of many people. But I think the point mentioned by nativeCA is also correct.

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