Richard Cohen ignorant about guns and schools

Kids in gun club 1967April 11, 2013

By John Seiler

One of the more insufferable things about living in Washington, D.C., a hideous place I barely survived between 1982 and 1987, was being subjected to Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen. His knee jerked faster than Pele’s.

He’s still at it. A recent column on gun control was titled, “Why not arm the kids?” It’s supposed to be ironic.

But even though he’s 72, he doesn’t know that public schools once commonly sponsored gun clubs. Back when I attended it, 1970-73, Wayne Memorial High School in Michigan sponsored such a club. I didn’t join it because I was in other clubs. And my father, a captain of ordnance in the U.S. Army in World War II who knew weapons like Heifitz knew his violin, took my brother and me shooting every couple of months. So we learned from a real expert.

I still remember the gun club kids walking around school with their rifles. Given how easy it was to get ammo back then, they could have blown away a lot of people if they wanted to. They didn’t. They were good kids.

But if some psycho had opened fire with guns like in Columbine back in 1999, the gun club kids would have fired back and ended the massacre posthaste. Maybe that’s one reason such mass school killings were more rare back then.

Unfortunately, because of anti-gun hysteria in recent years, almost all gun clubs have been expelled from school.

So Cohen thinks he’s being ironic, but isn’t. He’s just being ahistorical. Now that he’s brought it up, let’s bring back gun clubs in every high school in the country.

Even Secretary of State John Kerry belonged to the Rifle Club at his high school.

Kerry Yearbook rifle club


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  1. Itachee
    Itachee 11 April, 2013, 07:28

    Wow what a flash back. I had completely forgotten that during Jr. HS (1962-65) I was in the CA Cadet Corps and part of the rifle and drill teams. The rifle team practiced after school at a local HS that had a 50 foot indoor range. I don’t recall who provided the rifles and ammo but our team was pretty good as most of us were farm boys who had already been around firearms for years. The drill team marched on campus with demilled 03 Springfields. When I got to HS I was still a part of Cadet Corps and was participating again on the rifle and drill teams. However with the Vietnam War heating up the HS Cadet Corps program became politically incorrect and was shut down at the end of my sophomore year. My how times change.

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  2. fish
    fish 11 April, 2013, 12:55

    Richard Cohen ignorant….

    You really could have stopped here John.

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  3. double l
    double l 11 April, 2013, 17:31

    The Cadet Corp should be brought back into the schools; however, school officials will buck program because they will not want to share the funds with their other programs. A military structured program would be good for the kids, teaching them discipline and responsibility; this would be a great opportunity for former service personnel. Kids join gangs because they want to belong and this would be a great alternative to the gang culture. It is too late for older gang members but young wannabe’s may want to join and take pride in their accomplishment.

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  4. Donkey
    Donkey 13 April, 2013, 06:51

    John, back in the 1960’s we would walk the fields of Los Alamitos, getting paid a quarter for each crow we shot, we walked those fields at 9 years old knowing that a gun was a dangerous tool, and to never point one at another person unless absolutely necessary. 🙂

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