Latest numbers: No ‘global warming’

medieval Warm Period1April 16, 2013

By John Seiler

AB 32 officially is the “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.” It coerces sharp cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in California to 1990 levels by 2020.

Now that the latest evidence keeps showing there is no global warming, do you think Gov. Jerry Brown will suspend it, as the law allows? Or that the Legislature might repeal it?

Of course not. AB 32 now is part of the political landscape in California, with vast constituencies depending on its maintenance. “Green” industries get a push from it. And environmentalist special interests get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when they contemplate destroying “dirty” industries and the jobs that go with them.

I’m not kidding. Remember back in 2010 the “Dirty Energy” epithet thrown at the Texas oil companies that bankrolled Proposition 23, which would have suspended AB 32 until unemployment dropped?

To keep the money rolling to the special interests, “global warming” even has been stuffed down the Orwellian Memory Hole, to be replaced with “climate change.” So every time it rains becomes an excuse for increasing government, taxes and subsidies to favored groups and “green” businesses.

Here’s the latest from Reuters:

“Scientists are struggling to explain a slowdown in climate change that has exposed gaps in their understanding and defies a rise in global greenhouse gas emissions.

“Often focused on century-long trends, most climate models failed to predict that the temperature rise would slow, starting around 2000. Scientists are now intent on figuring out the causes and determining whether the respite will be brief or a more lasting phenomenon.”

The “cause” wasn’t due to the climate, but to their crummy computer “models.” It’s the old story of computer programming: garbage in, garbage out.

A “science” that still can’t predict tomorrow’s weather advertised that it could predict the weather decades in the future.

Future ‘warming’?


“Getting this right is essential for the short and long-term planning of governments and businesses ranging from energy to construction, from agriculture to insurance. Many scientists say they expect a revival of warming in coming years.”

But they’ve been so wrong in the past, why should we believe them now?

“Some experts say their trust in climate science has declined because of the many uncertainties. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had to correct a 2007 report that exaggerated the pace of melt of the Himalayan glaciers and wrongly said they could all vanish by 2035.”

This is another reason to revive the old conservative slogan: Get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the U.S.

Did you know that U.N. bureaucrats don’t have to pay any income taxes? That knowledge should hurt after yesterday’s painful reckoning with our own IRS/Stasi tax gougers.

The U.N. freeloaders are a major element in the “global warming” scare, a good scam for them to enjoy lucullan lifestyles tax-free.

It’s time to uncover the sham. There’s no “global warming.” The government bureaucrats promoting it to their own profit all should be fired.


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  1. Donkey
    Donkey 16 April, 2013, 12:21

    Just another RAGWUS attempt at stealing from the doers!!! 🙂

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  2. us citizen
    us citizen 16 April, 2013, 13:15

    Any one who did any research at all when this global warming crap hit the fan years ago…….KNEW it was all bogus.

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  3. Betty Moore
    Betty Moore 16 April, 2013, 14:54

    We were taught about the ice ages in the 1940’s when I was in school. It stands to reason that we would still be in that situation if we did not have some warming. Ice ages will come and go, as they always have. Volcanic activity and ocean currents have more to do with it than humankind.

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  4. Queeg
    Queeg 16 April, 2013, 14:57

    Brown is a true believer….sorta like you truthers!

    Cap and trade is the green stock exchange…you exchange dollars for breathing credits…..credits created by Wall Street derivitive printers and hustlers…..don’t you love command chrony capitalism…..

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  5. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 17 April, 2013, 08:19

    “Some experts say their trust in climate science has declined because of the many uncertainties.”

    Whoa, if this keeps up we might get some actual science out of these AGW fanatics.

    “Brown is a true believer….sorta like you truthers!”

    Theodore, even for you that is a bizarre statement. Does anyone know what that means?

    “don’t you love command chrony capitalism”

    No, I hate it. It is really a form of economic Fascism. America has devolved into what Robert Higgs likes to call participatory Fascism. Whooppee! We all get to choose our Gauleiter.

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  6. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 17 April, 2013, 15:35

    Dys……your not a happy adult.

    How was your childhood?

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  7. Colby
    Colby 13 July, 2014, 08:19

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    fish” reference was ambiguous. He made two comments that said as much, the second quite brutal, before anchor Jon Scott cut him off curtly. One way that consumers can stay in-touch is with their mobile phones.

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