The ultimate example of how CA is rigged

The ultimate example of how CA is rigged

California isn’t the Golden State, it’s the Public Employee State. Nothing makes the case more succinctly than what’s now unfolding at UC Davis, where thuggishness by a government employee could lead to a big payoff, not harsh punishment.

uc-davis“DAVIS, Calif. (AP) — The former police officer who pepper-sprayed students during an Occupy protest at the University of California Davis is appealing for worker’s compensation, claiming he suffered psychiatric injury from the 2011 confrontation.

“John Pike has a settlement conference set for Aug. 13 in Sacramento, according to the state Department of Industrial Relations’ website.

“Pike was fired in July 2012, eight months after a task force investigation found that his action was unwarranted.”

The elephant in the room that’s rarely mentioned

What’s telling and pathetic is that the AP story doesn’t even note the significance of the fact that Pike’s claim is already going to a settlement conference. It’s not being rejected. It’s being taken seriously, and the likelihood of the claim being honored by administrators is seen as high.

That’s amazing. But not surprising. California is the largest state in the union, and we should have a sophisticated media — a media that has figured out that by any measure the most important single factor in determining whether something gets done in our state government is whether it helps public employees.

And yet not only isn’t this routinely mentioned, the largest newspaper in the state consistently makes the argument that California’s biggest problem isn’t public employee clout — it’s the obstacles facing politicians and voters who want to broadly raise taxes.

Oy. Vey.


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  1. Ted Steele, The Decider
    Ted Steele, The Decider 27 July, 2013, 09:15

    Ya know what’s funny? The ultra right bitches about too much gov. And they may be right in some cases for sure. But they run their parties in such a way that they will never win a majority to change ANYthing. Once the hate filled teabaggers tossed the statesmen out of the Repub party, the vacume let only the whack jobs remain. Then of course the Libertarians have always had a high goof ball quotient (vis the Pauls etc) therefore no power there. It’s sad but conservatives need a re brand to be players. I’m not saying that my party has all the answers but come on conservatives wake up.

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  2. Let It Collapse
    Let It Collapse 27 July, 2013, 10:07

    Big media walks arm in arm with the government. We’ve known this for years. No secret at all. Big media covers up for big government. Essentially, what we have in America today is a Pravda-like system of journalism. You will never see another Watergate, regardless of what opportunities exist. Those days are over. Whatever bones of truth are thrown to us today in America come from small blogsites (like CalWatchdog) and foreign news agencies like RT (Russia Today, as ironic as that might sound. Sorry, that’s the state of the nation, like it or not.

    The fact that the state is even considering a payoff for this former cop who peppered sprayed the non-violent protesters at UC Davis just goes to show how far we’ve fallen as a state and a nation. We are an occupied nation. Occupied by some very bad people who are empowered to violate our rights and then later to profit from it.

    This is just one of many reasons why this great experiment called ‘America’ has virtually zero chance of survival. It is a little lamb that has lost it’s way.

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  3. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 27 July, 2013, 10:45

    Thanks for ruining my Saturday morning, Chris……

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  4. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 27 July, 2013, 10:57

    Of course it’s the UC…which these days, certainly doesn’t ALWAYS get it right, or even OFTEN……..but RARELY.

    The panty-wadding that went on over this reached gigantic proportions amongst the eggheads at UC. A “task force”? I wonder how much time, effort and money went into THAT effort. And at the end of the day – firing – a near impossibility in Public Employee World – was probably the wrong call anyhow. Was the pepper-spraying stupid and wrong? Of course. Why not demotion and other penalties? But the jello-spined members of the task force just keeled over to shrieking “activists”.


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  5. Rex the Wonderdog!
    Rex the Wonderdog! 27 July, 2013, 12:51

    Lets see, GED educated cop commits civil crime, gets SUED, the gets CANNED, then gets a lifetime of tax free disability????? Sounds like a Teddy scam to me 😉

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  6. Floyd
    Floyd 27 July, 2013, 16:19

    It is just SOP for the broken state of Kalifornia. Owned and operated by regressive socialists and retarded liberals. Where everything is FREE (until other people’s money runs out) .. As a once proud state swirls around the cesspool drain of total irrelevance and insolvency. Very similar to the fall of the Roman Empire of the 4th Century AD.. When does this corrupt nightmare end? Surly not by voting in MORE liberal demo-creeps!

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  7. Rex the Wonderdog!
    Rex the Wonderdog! 27 July, 2013, 19:22

    Sounds like a Teddy Steals con job!

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  8. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 28 July, 2013, 17:00

    How can Poodle , Bobo and Hon-dumbo be the best CWD has to offer? Why are Caver Candidates bad? Why are redneck spokesmen loons and white coated kooks!

    Your chances of winning…maybe a stray scratcher you found in the trash at your mobile pizza distribution career position!

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  9. Donkey
    Donkey 30 July, 2013, 20:09

    Teddy Steals, just where and who are the demonrat “statesmen?” Your president is a liar and buffoon, selling the story that a video sent killers into our consulate at Bengazi. You belong to a party of perverts and liars. !! 🙂

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