More people fleeing America to freedom

More people fleeing America to freedom

How shameful. America, once the refuge of millions fleeing tyranny, now is seeing its best and brights escape here to freedom:

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“The main trigger for cutting ties with U.S., several lawyers say, is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or Fatca, which requires foreign institutions to disclose the overseas assets of U.S. green-card holders and citizens to the U.S. government. The main objective of Fatca is to identify people who may be evading taxes through offshore investment vehicles.

“A growing number of wealthy Americans in Asia—and others with green cards—are exploring whether to renounce their U.S. citizenship or give up their green cards to avoid onerous tax obligations.

“Some U.S. citizens say they are exasperated by a growing raft of paperwork that forces U.S. citizens living abroad to declare the minutiae of their financial holdings and other assets. That has increased the attraction of becoming a citizen in places such as Hong Kong, where the individual tax rate is capped at 15%.”

It sounds as bad as the bureaucracy in the old Soviet Union. And if these people are unfortunate enough to live in California, they face even more battalions of state functionaries seeking to seize their wealth to fund malevolent government programs.

Next, the government will erect a wall, not to keep out illegal immigrants, but to keep in the taxpayers-slaves that pay for the lavish lifestyles of the looters. Call it the Obama Wall.

To figure out what needs to be done, I’m going to watch again the 1982 movie “Night Crossing,” a true story about some families in East Germany who clandestinely built a balloon to fly to freedom over the Berlin Wall. They escape the Stasi, the secret police which, like our NSA, snoops on everything everyone does.

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