Kids burning Obamacare cards

Kids burning Obamacare cards

If you're old enough, you might recall students burning their draft cards during the 1960s and early 1970s. They were protesting LBJ's War, which we lost after 58,000 brave young Americans troops were killed, and about 3 million Vietnamese. The draft-card burners didn't want to go to Vietnam and come home in a body bag.

Draft card burning hereNow kids are protesting Obamacare, which also might end up bankrupting them with its sky-high costs, before its crummy care sends them home in a body bag.

Matt Kibbe writes on Politico:

“I think we struck a nerve. Judging from the left’s hysterical overreaction to FreedomWorks’ “Burn Your Obamacare Card” campaign, this oppressive transfer of wealth from young Americans to the elderly appears to be the Achilles Heel of the new, insanely authoritarian progressive movement.

“The biggest weakness in President Obama’s controversial health-care scheme is the individual mandate, an incredibly regressive tax imposed on young healthy people that forces them to buy health-insurance plans that they can’t afford and don’t need, or pay a fine.

“With all of the new federal add-ons, insurance-company lobbyists insisted on a coercive means of forcing young people to cross-subsidize the benefits of older, wealthier patients. Imagine being able to force new customers to overpay for your product. What a deal! Call it the Obamacare Industrial Complex.

“Why would progressives flak for such an affront to the cause of social justice?

“Without overcharging young people, the Obamacare exchanges set to begin on Oct. 1 simply won’t work. Neither will the Obamacare-compliant mandated insurance packages being offered by private companies.”

In a way, it's sickly funny. Today's Boomer Progressives protested and burned their draft cards back 45 years ago, chanting, “Hell, No, we won't go!” and “Hey, hey, LBJ! How many kids will you kill today?”

Now these same Progressives want to get their own cheaper health care by robbing today's youth.

Back in the 60s, the Boomer Progressives, if they didn't get shipped to Nam, had a fun time of it with sex, drugs and rock and roll on wild college campuses where they could frolic and protest at somebody else's expense. There basically were no student loans in those days. And at California's public universities, there even was no tuition or fees.

When they graduated, jobs were plentiful, including at universities. Or they could join a commune and stay stoned for years. It was great fun being a kid in those days.

Not so today. Kids run up $200,000 in college debt, meaning their chances of marrying and having kids are greatly reduced. They're slaves.

Now, the kids will be forced to pay for the ear surgery for Progressive Boomers who burned out their chchleae listening to rock and roll with the volume turned up to “11.” And pay for psychiatric treatment because the Progressive Boomers chugged gallons of LSD.

No wonder the kids are shouting about their Obamacare Cards: “Burn, baby, burn!”


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