CA computer problem does not compute

CA computer problem does not compute

Unemployment march, depression, wikimediaYou'd think that the world's center of computer technology could get its own government computers right. The state government, and many local governments, remain plagued with glitches that would bankrupt any private-sector firm. The latest:

“The Employment Development Department said Friday that about 185,000 of the state’s nearly 800,000 people receiving benefits had been affected, with the department having yet to clear about 80,000 of those cases.

“Frustration flared as the week dragged on, with jobless residents repeatedly dialing the department’s customer service line and failing time after time to reach an agent.”

What a gang of incompetents.

The state government forces people into a government-run unemployment system.

Then state government cases high unemployment with its policies of sky-high taxes, incredible regulations and incompetent bureaucracy.

Then the state's own computers that are supposed to cough out checks to those unemployed by state government policies break down.

What we really should do is fire everybody in government. With those incompetent functionaries out of the way, we wouldn't need unemployment checks because everyone would be employed.

Even the unemployed government functionaries would get honest jobs in the private sector and for once contribute something positive.


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