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CA Judge hands Uber fresh challenge

A San Francisco lawsuit pushing to make Uber drivers employees has gathered steam dramatically, thanks to a new ruling that the case against the dominant rideshare company can proceed as a class action. A big issue The hotly-anticipated decision by

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New CA labor secretary Lanier has background in the Legislature

David Lanier has his hands full.  Formerly Gov. Jerry Brown’s legislative affairs secretary, on Nov. 6 the governor gave him the nod to be the California’s new secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency. Lanier takes charge more than

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Employment Development Department computer system not yet fixed

This is Part 3 of a series on the EDD. Part 1, an interview with Spokesman Dan Stephens, is here. Part 2, EDD computers must be fixed by Dec. 31, is here. Three months after a California Employment Development Department computer

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CA computer problem does not compute

You'd think that the world's center of computer technology could get its own government computers right. The state government, and many local governments, remain plagued with glitches that would bankrupt any private-sector firm. The latest: college essay review services cheap

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New Wells Fargo report bullish on state economy

Aug. 22, 2012 By Joseph Perkins A new report by Wells Fargo Securities Economics Group declares that “California’s economic recovery has gained considerable momentum over the past year.” It cites the decline in the state’s jobless rate, increase in sales

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