Will NSA snooping kill CA prosperity?

Will NSA snooping kill CA prosperity?

Save image asSince California invented the Internet more than four decades ago, we’ve ruled the digital roost. Others have contributed, such as CERN in Switzerland and companies in other high-tech centers in America, such as Austin, Tex. and Boston’s Route 128. But Silicon Valley remains the place you wanna be if you want to be at the top. Facebook located here from Massachusetts, not the other way around.

That could change as foreign countries have become upset at the NSA’s ubiquitous snooping, even on friendly countries. According to The Hindu:

Brazil plans to divorce itself from the US-centric internet over Washington’s widespread online spying, a move that many experts fear will be a potentially dangerous first step toward politically fracturing a global network built with minimal interference by governments.

President Dilma Rousseff has ordered a series of measures aimed at greater Brazilian online independence and security following revelations that the US National Security Agency intercepted her communications, hacked into the state-owned Petrobras oil company’s network and spied on Brazilians who entrusted their personal data to US tech companies such as Facebook and Google.

And according to WashingtonsBlog.com about BRICS (stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa):

A consortium of telecom and undersea cable companies competing for the contracts for the proposed BRICS cable show what they think the project should look like [see above graphic]…

The BRICS countries have the muscle to pull this off.  Each of the BRICS countries are in the top 25 largest economies in the world. China has the world’s 2nd largest economy, India is 3rd, Russia 6th, Brazil 7th, and South Africa 25th….

China is also dropping IBM hardware like a hot potato due to security concerns.  Intel and AMD may not be far behind.

Economic powerhouse Germany is also rolling out a system that would keep all data within Germany’s national borders.

If these countries drop our technology to avoid NSA snooping, that will mean fewer jobs for Americans, especially Californians. Once again, our own government will have sabotaged us.

This reminds me of the old Soviet Union, which closely controlled technology. For example, every copier had to be licensed, with examples of each copier’s “footprint” — every copier left telltale marks in its copies, sort of like fingerprints — kept on file with the KGB. Thus, if a copier was used to produce copies of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago,” and the copies were discovered after a dissident was tortured, the origin of the copies also could be found, and the rebels arrested.

Computers, including the few personal computers imported from the West, also were tightly controlled.

Such tight security retarded scientific development, which depends on the free flow of information. Which in turn retarded the Soviet economy until it finally collapsed in 1991.

Et tu, America?


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  1. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 25 October, 2013, 13:29

    Will NSA snooping kill CA prosperity?

    No it won’t. But don’t worry because the ruling party in this state will manage that on it’s own with no help from the NSA snoops. Besides, there are lots of reasons why NSA meta spying is dangerous without reference to Kalifornia’s economic well being.

    On the other hand the headline did get me to read the article.

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  2. Let It Collapse
    Let It Collapse 25 October, 2013, 19:08

    If the euros are smart they’ll play stupid and continue to use the US to bail out the european union. We’ve pumped trillions of liquidity into the PIIGS to keep them from going belly up. If the euros are patient we’ll destroy ourselves. CNS News reported yesterday that in 4Q 2011 we had about 108M americans on means-tested government benefits programs (medicaid, food stamps, WIC program, temp assistance for needy families, subsidized rental housing, etc..) This does not count about 60M americans on non-means tested programs (social security or medicare, unemployment, etc…)

    Here’s the kicker. There are only about 101M americans with full time year round jobs!

    This is all take from census bureau data linked in the CNS News article. All accurate numbers.

    And Clowngress wants to give amnesty to 11M to 20M indigent illegal foreigners later this year! More means tested candidates!

    I really feel sorry for the kids in the country. Our parents sacrificed so that we could live better than they did. Now the baby boomers in Clowngress are shoving all this debt down the throats of the kids without any regard whatsoever for their futures. It’s all unsustainable.

    The euros don’t have to destroy us. We are quite capable to doing that to ourselves. Just give it a little more time.

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  3. Rex the Wonderdog!
    Rex the Wonderdog! 25 October, 2013, 19:46

    NSA snooping is destroying our country worldwide…….Snowden did us ALL a favor by exposing it.

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  4. Hondo
    Hondo 25 October, 2013, 20:02

    I think the high taxes and the Obamacare death spiral will kick our ass long before the effects of an out of control NSA shows up. The out of control IRS is now on steriods because of Obamacare. Be afraid, be very afraid of them.

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  5. Queeg
    Queeg 26 October, 2013, 10:10

    Can you imagine Emma and Harry opening their trailer park adobe along the Colorado River to be handed a summons by a IRS smiling representative for not being able to afford Obamacare?

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  6. Rex the Wonderdog!
    Rex the Wonderdog! 26 October, 2013, 15:38

    Hondo, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter…they all come and go, but once you wreck a relationship with an ally over this kind of nonsense your name is dirt from there on out……the damage from this NSA BS is extreme and severe…..

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  7. Queeg
    Queeg 27 October, 2013, 22:59

    Wonder wear clean shorts and socks….you will have nothing to worry about!

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