9th Circuit assaults 1st Amendment

9th Circuit assaults 1st Amendment


9th circuit court sealThe federal 9th Circuit Court is known for its tyrannical ways. Now it has upheld California’s tyrannical ban on so-called “gay-to-straight therapy” for children.

The law, passed last year, on its face violates the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Now this:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court sided with California on Thursday and upheld the first law in the nation banning a psychological treatment that seeks to turn gay youth straight.

In a resounding, unanimous opinion, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found the state law barring the so-called gay aversion therapy legal in every respect.

The judges said trying to change a minor’s sexual orientation through intense therapy appeared dangerous, and that California lawmakers properly showed that the sexual orientation change efforts were outside the scientific mainstream and have been rejected for good reason.

“One could argue that children under the age of 18 are especially vulnerable with respect to sexual identity and that their parents’ judgment may be clouded by this emotionally charged issue as well,” Judge Susan Graber wrote for the court panel.

But who knows what’s best for a particular child:

A. Gov. Jerry Brown and the California legislature.

B. Judges on the 9th Circuit.

C. The kid’s parents.

Obvious answer: C.

Supposedly, some children given the therapy committed suicide. But how can a link be proven?

And while they’re at it, why don’t Gov. Brown, the Legislature and the 9th Circuit ban kids from using the Internet? I won’t link to them, but there obviously are a lot of pro-suicide sites out there. There’s also pro-Nazi stuff. Maybe some kid will read it and, imitating Hitler, blow his brains out, after doing the same thing to his own personal Eva Braun.

Ironically, and hypocritically, California also is making it easier to get an abortion here. And young girls can get abortions without parental consent.

So, a 12-year-old has a right to get an abortion, with who knows what kind of psychological consequences, especially without parental involvement. But the same 12-year-old can’t get “gay to straight therapy” from, say, a Christian-oriented psychologist?

I don’t have any kids. But if I did, my beloved and I would leave this state at the first blip of the ultrasound.


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