Mega spy satellite launched from CA

Mega spy satellite launched from CA

NROL logoIf you live in Southern California, the rocket launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base north of Los Angeles can be breathtaking. Even if you live way down in Orange County.

Also breathtaking is what was the payload of the latest rocket, launched yesterday. NASA reported on an NSA (the government acronyms become confusing):

“The United Launch Alliance (ULA) have launched their Atlas V rocket on the NROL-39 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office. Liftoff from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California was on schedule at the opening of the launch window at 23:13 local time Thursday (07:13 UTC on Friday).

“Atlas V Mission:

“The primary payload for Thursday’s launch was a classified payload for the National Reconnaissance Office, NROL-39, whose launch was contracted in 2003 as part of the second block-purchase of Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) launches; Buy 2.”

In the upper right of this article is the logo of the mission. Notice the arrogance: nothing is beyond their reach. They spy on, and control, everything in your life.

Daniel McAdams writes on

“As the rest of the world — the US public included — reels from ongoing revelations that the NSA has infiltrated like a virus into the most private corners of our lives, the US Intelligence-Industrial-Complex presses on with a total absence of self-reflection.

“Entrepreneur and privacy hero Kim Dotcom points out that the latest spy satellite launched yesterday by the megabillion dollar National Reconnaissance Office carries with it a kind of extended middle finger to the entire world.

“NROL-39, as the mission is affectionately called, features as its logo an angry octopus whose tentacles are extending over the globe. Its slogan: ‘Nothing is beyond our reach.’

“Nothing. Total surveillance. Such arrogance seems foolhardy, terrifying, and dangerous. And, of course, totalitarian.”

The government is an octopus squeezing the liberty out of us.



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  1. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 6 December, 2013, 12:19

    Well, when the government is issuing trillions in unsecured credit causing more asset bubbles which results in the devaluation of the currency and higher prices – while the wages remain suppressed and stagnant via the approved importation of illegal foreign labor (among other things) – the government needs to keep a close eye on the peasants to keep tabs on what the peasants are doing. Sooner or later (probably later) the peasants are going to figure out the game and likely resent it. Resentment needs to get nipped in the bud. So you can’t blame the government. It’s just trying to protect it’s owners. Sort of like how a watch dog protects it’s owner that feeds it. Everyone gets fed by somebody. You protect the one that feeds you. It’s a law of nature. That’s why there are so many fights on blog comment boards. We all have different owners and feeders. And there is only so much feed to go around.

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  2. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 7 December, 2013, 09:28

    Ha ha ha…..a spy on every corner checking the proletariat!

    CWD is laced with deranged conspiracy chroniclers hiding in dank cellars(dressed in Walmart chammies) pumping out this stuff….

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  3. Ted Steele, CEO
    Ted Steele, CEO 12 December, 2013, 10:57

    I wish this story had more about area 51 and why the guvment won’t release the Roswell Alien ™ bodies. Is this because it will prove that Rand Paul is an alien? Seriously.

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