Texas-California rivalry hits new phase: burger wars

Texas-California rivalry hits new phase: burger wars

innoutburgerMy money’s on the company from California.

“World famous California hamburger chain In-N-Out Burger opened a new location in Round Rock Tuesday.

“As the first location in Central Texas, the new In-N-Out will allow customers a much easier way to satisfy their addiction.  …

“Across the street, In-N-Out’s Austin-based burger-selling neighbors aren’t worried about the new out-of-state competition.

“’They are a great California based drive-thru fast food restaurant with a really good California-style burger,’ Gini Quiroz of Mighty Fine Burgers said.

“Mighty Fine said they know people will want to see what all fuss is about, but expects its customers to stay loyal.

“’We specialize in a classic Texas burger,’ Quiroz said. ‘You’re talking about a big, juicy, half-pound burger with simple ingredients that are fresh.'” …

“For the In-N-Out faithful who have waited for that first bite, their new favorite has officially arrived.

“’You have to have one or you won’t understand,’ customer Don Dahl said.”

The whole story is here.

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