Report: Millions in CA will remain uninsured, despite health care law

Report: Millions in CA will remain uninsured, despite health care law capture, Dec. 23, 2013A new report from the California Healthcare Foundation offers several sobering statistics about the uninsured population in California, just as some of those who have signed up for health coverage through Covered California will see their coverage begin Jan. 1.

“California’s Uninsured: By the Numbers” contains several data points that cast doubt on the Golden State’s image as a progressive utopia.

According to the report, California’s working population is less insured than its overall population. While around 20 percent of the state’s residents are uninsured, about one in four of those that work don’t have health insurance.

This may be a result of declining employer coverage. In 2012, some 54 percent of California residents got coverage through their employer (the most common way to get health coverage in the United States). But that number is smaller than it was in 1988, when 63 percent of California’s got health insurance from their employer.

“Employees in businesses of all sizes are more likely to be uninsured in California than in the United States,” the report stated. “In businesses with fewer than 10 employees, 40 [percent] of workers are likely to have no insurance.”

And 62 percent of the children without health insurance had a parent in their household who worked full time. Almost a third of the uninsured population had a household family income of $50,000 or more.

Latino uninsured

Almost 60 percent of California’s uninsured population is Latino. Covered California has been struggling to get Latinos to trust and use the system, as has previously reported.

But perhaps the most startling statistic deals with how many people will remain uninsured.  Although the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is often described as a “universal health care law,” that isn’t quite right.

In 2015, approximately 5.6 million Californians still won’t have health insurance. But among those 5.6 million, the report estimated that 2.6 million will eventually take up coverage.

However, more than 3 million Californians will remain uninsured in 2015. Of course, those are simply estimates: it is entirely possible that more than 3 million will choose not to pursue health care.

The report starkly acknowledges that “with the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), the numbers of uninsured residents in California will be reduced, although a significant number will be left behind.”

The report was released ahead of the first deadline for health care signups on Dec. 23. Covered California — which has performed better than the federal exchange but continues to fall behind its own self-imposed goals — is clamoring in the final days of the year.

Tens of thousands of applicants signed up for health insurance each day last week. However, the enrollment pool is composed of a disproportionate number of older Americans, which could prove problematic as they generally require more care than younger people. And the state continues to struggle with signing up older Americans.

Problems persist, but the law isn’t going away anytime soon. Nor are millions of uninsured, who will stay that way despite the legislation’s enactment.


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  1. billybs
    billybs 25 December, 2013, 18:39

    I am sure there are many uninsured who like the status quo; “if you like your free clinic, you can keep your free clinic.”
    2014 will be a wild ride for this, actually had a friend claim that the Dems were so busy defending ACA, they had no time to pay attention to the problems with it, soooo, it is the Republicans fault there are problems.

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  2. Frankhs
    Frankhs 25 December, 2013, 21:21

    The builders of the Titanic weren’t blamed – it’s the designers who didn’t make the ship’s partitions extend all the way to the top deck.

    The Democrats, maybe weren’t all involved in the design of the Obamacare bill, but like “good members of their party” they all just voted YES on the bill without reading it

    Republicans have been repeatedly trying to avert the Trainwreak of Obamacare since it was passed – but it’s the law of the land

    Just remember that no Republicans voted to shove this down our throats

    Now I know this is Very Liberal California but listen – it will get worse

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  3. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 25 December, 2013, 23:37

    “This may be a result of declining employer coverage.”

    Hold it a second, Adam. Have you kept track of the percent of the working aged Americans who are actually employed? Right before the meltdown it peaked at about 63%. From 2009 on it’s been at about 58%, even as the unemployment rate has supposedly declined. One would expect the percent of Americans working would climb as the U/E rate declined. It has throughout history. But the current ration hasn’t budged. The reason? Discouraged workers who gave up looking for a job. So there may well be fewer people covered by employers because a lesser percent of the working aged Americans are actually employed. If you don’t have a job it’s pretty hard to get employer HC insurance. Some people question the decline in the U/E numbers since the discouraged workers who gave up looking are not counted as unemployed on the gov U/E rolls. So you may have as many employers offering coverage – just not as many workers collecting that benefit.

    “In 2015, approximately 5.6 million Californians still won’t have health insurance. But among those 5.6 million, the report estimated that 2.6 million will eventually take up coverage.”

    You know the answer to this one. California probably has at least 5M illegal foreigners living in the state. And since illegals will be eligible for CADL’s and under the “Trust Act” can’t be deported unless convicted of a serious violent felony – it’s only reasonable for more to break into our state. Illegals are not eligible for ObamaCare. They still get to use any ER as their doctor’s office for free. And there’s no penalty imposed on them like there is on citizens who don’t have health care insurance. lol. What would you do if you were living hand to mouth in Tijuana with no government assistance? Stay there or come to California for the freebies? No brainer!

    The millions of uninsured in California will be the illegals. But they don’t need no stinkin’ insurance when they get their free medical care in any US hospital compliments of the US taxpayers!

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  4. Queeg
    Queeg 26 December, 2013, 11:57


    Take a break….bluntly, you need some quality relaxation time!

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