Subsidize opera?

Subsidize opera?

I think everything should be privatized. But as the April 15 Day of Tax Doom approaches, if I’m going to be taxed to death, it might as well be for something useful, such as opera.

The San Diego Opera is in trouble over some problem with government grants. I say: Just forget about it. And give them more tax money. Take the money from, say, the wretched public schools, or draconian drug law enforcement, or the massive pensions going to retirees.

Let us have opera, and more opera — the grander the better. It fills our lives with beauty and makes everything wonderful.

The whole country is headed for Goetterdammerung anyway:


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  1. Ted O'Steele, CEO
    Ted O'Steele, CEO 13 April, 2014, 21:06

    Doomers don’t watch no opera when they got Huckabee playing bass on Fox.

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  2. Queeg
    Queeg 14 April, 2014, 08:25

    Doomers use arias by the Volga Boatman to whip up hysteria at Bug Out Meet Ups!

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