How do you like your higher electricity bill?

How do you like your higher electricity bill?

electricity meter - wikimediaOn, for four years Wayne Lusvardi has been detailing in hundreds of articles the effective dismantling of California’s and America’s old electricity system — nuclear, coal and now even gas; and its replacement with “renewable” sources — wind, solar and geothermal — that would cost a lot more.

Now the Los Angeles Times finally has caught on:

U.S. electricity prices may be going up for good

Experts warn of a growing fragility as coal-fired plants are shut down, nuclear power is reduced and consumers switch to renewable energy.

As temperatures plunged to 16 below zero in Chicago in early January and set record lows across the eastern U.S., electrical system managers implored the public to turn off stoves, dryers and even lights or risk blackouts.

A fifth of all power-generating capacity in a grid serving 60 million people went suddenly offline, as coal piles froze, sensitive electrical equipment went haywire and utility operators had trouble finding enough natural gas to keep power plants running. The wholesale price of electricity skyrocketed to nearly $2 per kilowatt hour, more than 40 times the normal rate. The price hikes cascaded quickly down to consumers. Robert Thompson, who lives in the suburbs of Allentown, Pa., got a $1,250 bill for January.

“I thought, how am I going to pay this?” he recalled. “This was going to put us in the poorhouse.”

It’s ironic. The far more expensive “renewable” sources are being imposed to fight “global warming” even as record cold temperatures are forcing people to use more electricity and other energy just to keep warm!



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  1. Irv
    Irv 26 April, 2014, 09:19

    Its obvious this Wayne,what ever his name is, has not done all the data research on renewable energy. To think or believe we can make it on solar and wind is living in fantasy land. Geothermal however, is by far the cleanest, by EPA standard,the most reliable, versatile, efficient energy source available today. Nothing else will touch or even come close to Geothermal! NOTHING!!! We need to forget all about solar and wind. Especially solar!! Solar is breaking the bank on regional and national grids and destroying our existing power plants being used as back-ups along with contaminating our water, ground water, aquifers, soil air and destroying our health. Ever hear of asbestos poisoning and what it does to the lungs. Take a look at Cadmium and see what it does to the body. Mirror asbestos??? That is only one of the toxic chemicals used in a solar cell! There are many more!! There are not any regulations pertaining to solar cells and their disposal. If there are regulations on the books they are not enforced or minimally enforced if at all!! Solar is by far the dirtiest, most unreliable, costly energy source on the market!!Any proponent of solar has not done complete research of the whole solar spectrum. Only ignorant gullible people believe in solar and wind!!

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  2. Queeg
    Queeg 26 April, 2014, 12:40

    Income inequality is for real

    A line cook in a hotel makes about the same money as 15 years ago.

    Field laborers barely scrape by.

    College graduates are busing tables and stocking shelves.

    How much different is it today from the era of cotton picking jobs?

    Maybe ask Cliven Bundy?

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  3. S Moderation Douglas
    S Moderation Douglas 26 April, 2014, 22:22

    “This entire rate debacle occurred due to the fact that on Jan. 1, 2011 the price of electric was no longer regulated by the PUC.”

    Sound familiar?

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