Debate: Kashkari notes Obama administration knocks state tunnel plan

In response to first question about Brown’s big lead in polls, Kashkari brushes it off and attacks Brown’s love of the bullet train and says water and education should be the priority instead.

Brown sticks to the California comeback theme.

The format requiring shorter answers than most debates is leading to rushed answers. Both candidates have yet to show any wit or break off scripted answers.

The second question is about water supplies and Northern California sending water to Southern California.

Brown pats himself on the back (and his father too) for water infrastructure history. Kashkari says there’s no way the $25 billion water tunnel plan won’t cost far more. He notes Obama administration doesn’t like the plan.

The third question is about Tesla plant going to Nevada.

Kashkari notes Wisconsion Gov. Walker has sharply improved his state’s ranking in surveys of biz climate since 2010, while California is dead-last year after year in surveys of CEOs.

He says “overall economic climate” needs help, not just Tesla and favored companies.

Brown says Tesla wanted too much from state taxpayers, which is a good defense. But he offers no riposte to Kashkari’s broader point about biz climate remaining nation’s worst.


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