CA gas tax jumps 10 cents in Jan.

CA gas tax jumps 10 cents in Jan.

No global warming 18 yearsNew year. New tax on gas.

It’s AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 finally gouging drivers at the pump.

Although industry spokesmen have said the new gas tax could be as much as 70 cents a gallon, it looks like it could be around an FDR dime.

According to the Mercury-News:

A UC-Berkeley energy and economics expert says it’ll be more like nine or ten cents per gallon, which supporters say isn’t so high a price to pay for the environmental good it will do.

Some Democrats want to delay the program; most Republicans want to stop it entirely. But at present, there is little prospect of either happening, given the Brown administration’s strong support of the program, which is enshrined in an eight-year-old law.

“A lot of Californians still don’t know this is coming,” said state Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford, who has a bill to exempt transportation fuels from the cap-and-trade requirements. “It’s going to hurt the poorest people in the state … Gasoline is not a luxury, it’s essential for folks.”

Some Democrats oppose the tax increase because it especially will gouge poor constituents who commute long distances.

Fortunately for those who favor the tax, it’s being imposed at a time of declining oil and gas prices. The atmosphere would be far different if we still were paying $4 or more per gallon.

Of course, it’s possible gas could rise in price again, to $4 a gallon or even higher.

Veyron, wikimediaMeanwhile, the politicians who imposed AB 32 and this gas-tax increase way back in 2006 have gone far from the scene. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger still champions laws and regulations against global warming.

But his real opinion is shown in his tooling around town in a $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron supercar that guzzles gas at 8 mpg in the city.

Meanwhile, the latest numbers show there has been no global warming for 18 years.

No global warming 18 years


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  1. Ultrawoman
    Ultrawoman 29 December, 2014, 14:28

    I’m amazed this hasn’t received more publicity. I found out about it myself only in November.

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    • bob
      bob 29 December, 2014, 18:08

      which supporters say isn’t so high a price to pay for the environmental good it will do.

      What environmental good will Brownie’s choo-choo train do?

      The fact is this AB 32 tax will just be another slush fund for the boondogles of corrupt politicians. They will also use the money to reward their friends and punish their enemies.

      it looks like it could be around an FDR dime.

      Come on, John. You know better. It STARTS at ten cents but it goes up every year.

      And Colliefornia (as Ahnode sez) already has the highest gas tax in the country!

      The voters of this state are just idiots. They had an opportunity to postpone AB32 back in 2010 and they voted no.

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  2. David in the OC
    David in the OC 29 December, 2014, 16:09

    Did you notice the photo of Mary Nichols in the Sun. Dec. 28 LA Times cradling her Tesla coffee cup? Why don’t you just get with the program and drop $85K on a luxury all-electric? Even a lifelong enviro activist, govt activist and daughter of a socialist upstate NY mayor cum professor was able to spring for it (or at least the cup!) on her salary as a public servant. Actually, we can’t assume she drives the Tesla based on the coffee cup in that photo, but if her govt salary doesn’t allow it, maybe she cashed in some fossil fuel stocks or relied on her husband’s earnings defending Big Oil to make the down payment (

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  3. Queeg
    Queeg 29 December, 2014, 16:52

    Your had Comrades!

    Beating after beating . Taking after taking.

    Collectivism iis the answer. No special interests, spread the redistibution around fairly too all!

    It takes a “village”.

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    • ricky65
      ricky65 30 December, 2014, 07:42

      True, Queeg.
      But actually it takes a whole bunch of “village idiots” to think its OK to bone the middle class and working people so Jerky can have his Brown Streak legacy choo choo.
      But the truth is even the ‘little folks’ in this state have been so thoroughly brainwashed and poorly educated that they willingly line up for their beheadings.
      Gang Green folks like Nichols, Tom Steyer, Schwartzenegger, Gore, etc have to smiling and totally amazed at how easy it is to con the rubes is in this state.
      Just jump into the Bugatti or rather the Grumman G5 and head off to Aspen, the Maldives,or maybe Davos for the next rally to speak about how we all have to stop using fossil fuels. How we commoners need to give up our cars and suburban single family housing and live in 400 sf stack& pack housing by the tracks.

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  4. Bill Gore
    Bill Gore 29 December, 2014, 20:46

    So where do all these billions in carbon taxes finally end up? Bet you ANYTHING it’s a wall street bank: Goldman or JP Morgan. And in the end this seems to be the achille’s heel of the anthropogenic global warming scam; the financialization of incentives to use less fossil fuels/emit less carbon. FOLLOW THE MONEY. ‘QUI BONO (WHO BENEFITS)’.

    Anthropogenic global warming advocates will not discuss the effect on climate of massive urbanization worldwide over the last 50 years. How can you tell me that mega cities like Nairobi or Mexico City, about 20-30 million people each, have NO effeect on climate? Or how about deforestation, especially in the Amazon basin? Huh? Not a peep! According to them it’s settled science, and the middle class is to blame, the old beating the bourgousie again..

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  5. ktg Oakland
    ktg Oakland 29 December, 2014, 21:22

    I’m so relieved that there has been no global warming for the last 18 years. Who believes this guy has any idea what he is writing about?

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    • ricky65
      ricky65 30 December, 2014, 07:57

      You don’t need to take any information on face value, Just open your eyes for once in your sheltered life and read up on the subject.
      Then again, you’re probably a graduate of the world class failed Oakland school system as championed by your former mayor, Jerky Brown. Of course, as with everything else this clown has tried and ruined he left the place as a crime ridden cesspool.
      So if you can’t read this, a government translator will be provided to you. If you wish to reply please re-post with your “X” mark indicating someone explained it to you.
      Ah,who cares? You’re probably too busy breaking shop windows in downtown Oakland to bother anyway…

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      • bob
        bob 30 December, 2014, 15:00

        As bad as it is now just wait until the brown one is termed out.

        2016 is shaping up to be a nightmare. Hillary will be the nominee for the DemoNcrats and that will bring out every libtard in the state to vote. They will just eat up hope and change 2.0. The DemoNcrats will get their super majority back in the state legislature and a DemoNcrat governor worse than Brown will be elected, like goody two shoes Gavin.

        With their super majority and a governor worse than Brown the DemoNcrats will go hog wild and pass all kinds of tax increases, spending increases and idiotic regulations.

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        • Bill Gore
          Bill Gore 30 December, 2014, 21:06

          Hitlery is pretty bad, or you can vote for the fat unibrow dynastic loser, aka Jebby. Ain’t 2 party ‘democracy’ awesome? You always have a choice between a douchebag and a shit sandwich….

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  6. Queeg
    Queeg 29 December, 2014, 22:27

    Believe what you want but you will pay up.

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  7. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 30 December, 2014, 09:46

    Someone trotted out a spotted owl piece on CWD today….

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  8. Queeg
    Queeg 30 December, 2014, 18:51

    They are a sub species whatever of chicken?

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