The "Big Hat, No Cattle" Senator

Katy Grimes: Deflecting from all real state crises, Democrat legislators and the Latino Caucus held a rally to boycott Arizona on Wednesday. Dodging pertinent questions and any real talk of constitutional issues, Democrats showed no skill at the art of the dodge.

Following up on that rally, last night Sen. Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento,  appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show. Steinberg also dodged questions. But this time he couldn’t escape the probing Van Susteren, who asked him questions he didn’t answer, instead taking his cue from fellow legislator Assemblyman Gil Cedillo’s talking-points playbook from the rally.

During Van Susteren’s segment Will the Entire State of California Boycott Arizona Over Its Immigration law? Steinberg referred to “people with brown skin” being targets of law enforcement, and bleated about how unlawful the Arizona immigration law is. Van Susteren argued on behalf of the constitutionality of the law, with Steinberg resorting to emotional arguments.

Steinberg made several egregious statements right out of the Democrat talking points memo, including:

“Once somebody is pulled over lawfully, even without that intent, if they have my color skin, they’re not going to be asked for their immigration papers. If they have brown skin, they likely will, whether they’re a legal citizen, a legal resident or an undocumented immigrant. And that’s not right.”

“The law is obviously targeted and intended in a way to make it easier for law enforcement to stop people because of the color of their skin to determine their immigration status.”

“…we need comprehensive federal immigration reform that includes enforcement at the border. Of course we do. But you know, it’s the old thing that two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Van Susteren repeatedly asked Steinberg, “But are you doing anything?” After unsuccessfully deflecting the question, Steinberg responded, “Well, yes, we certainly urge the federal government to make immigration reform a priority, not just for the border issues, which are real, but also because there are late of hard-working people in our state of California and other states who have earned the right to a path to citizenship here, or a path to legal residency at least.”

“But we know that — you know, let’s be honest. I mean, your guests take some shots at the Democrats. But on the other side of the aisle here, a lot of Republicans, even they know it’s the right thing to do to legislate a path to legal residency for people who are working hard in this country, they’re loath to touch that…”

Steinberg urges the feds to make immigration reform a priority.  My grandmother urges the federal government to make immigration reform a priority. Having California legislators urge the federal government, is hardly a credible threat to the feds. Or what?

With such outstanding leadership, strength, prowess, and the affirmative stance, how did Darrell Steinberg ever rise to to the level of Senate pro Tem? I am still trying to understand how he ever got elected to the Sacramento City Council.

It’s difficult not to think big hat, no cattle whenever Steinberg steps up to the microphone to speak. The complete lack of leadership, effectiveness and integrity is astounding. But then again, a malleable guy makes for a nice long-term relationship with labor unions.

Read the entire transcript: Will the Entire State of California Boycott Arizona Over Its Immigration law?

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  1. John Seiler
    John Seiler 26 June, 2010, 07:40

    Steinberg favors amnesty for all illegal aliens. He won’t come out and say it because that would lose votes for Dems this November. But, as Katy points out, he’s not too bright. He should have pulled a jiu-jitsu and brought up that McCain and Bush favored amnesty and pushed the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill.

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