Sen. Villaraigosa?

Antonio Villaraigosa, wikimediaFormer L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is looking for voters to promote him to U.S. senator in 2016. The Times ran an analysis of his pluses and minuses.

Basically, his strength is that he’s a Latino candidate who could count on Southern California Latino voters in a presidential election year, which tends to be more Democratic and liberal.

The minus is that Latinos don’t turn out to vote as much as most other major Democratic groups. For example, in the 2012 presidential election, nationwide blacks actually turned out to vote at a larger percentage rate than whites. Some of that was because President Obama is black. But there also were major get-out-the-vote efforts among blacks.

So Villaraigosa  would have to start early, as the Obama campaign did, with a “ground game” to get out voters favorable to him.

The Times article did not note that another problem might be that one primary opponent could be Rep. Loretta Sanchez of Santa Ana. If both ran, the Latino vote could be split.

Villaraigosa also could have a problem with his tenure as mayor, 2005-13, which coincided with the Great Recession, from which Los Angeles only partially has recovered. As former Mayor Richard Riordan explained to in 2012, Villaraigosa’s policies put L.A. at risk for bankruptcy.

The city economy also will be slammed by jobs killed from the minimum wage for hotel workers going to $15.37 an hour. And current Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to kill even more jobs by raising the overall city minimum wage to $13.25 by 2017.

Another recession could tip it over the edge before Nov. 2016, with Villaraigosa getting at least some of the blame for making the City of Angels into Detroit on the Pacific.

Then there’s Villaraigosa’s messy private life, which makes Bill Clinton look like Ozzie Nelson.


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  1. Queeg
    Queeg 21 January, 2015, 17:35

    Is this a joke?

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  2. Angus
    Angus 21 January, 2015, 18:37

    Quite a choice, this scumbag or “big gulp” Kamala.

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  3. Ted
    Ted "Patriot" Steele 21 January, 2015, 19:42

    John and Ken would light themselves on fire if Tony Vilar was elected.

    I would LMAO to see those two morons go off!

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  4. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 22 January, 2015, 13:46

    Is this a great state or what? Our choices for Senator will be a Latin Lothario with a hyperactive zipper and the IQ of a fruit fly. Or an Hispanic woman with the intellectual firepower of a vending machine burrito and virtually nothing in the way of legislative accomplishments. Or a cookie cutter Bay Area lefty who can check off all of the important minority quota boxes. Or some arrogant, meddlesome moneybags who made gazillions off of oil and gas investments and now wants the rest of us to live in a world powered by propeller beanies and pixie dust while he flies his personal Gulfstream G650 to Davos for the annual oligarch schmoozefest.

    You have to love Crazyfornia, even if you’re not a super duper, Yankee Doodle, hyperbolic, wrap yourself in the flag “patriot” like Ted.

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  5. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 22 January, 2015, 23:27


    Your a sick chap, but have to admit this is some post!

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  6. bob
    bob 23 January, 2015, 14:58

    And our rulers wonder why no one bothers voting…

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  7. Hondo
    Hondo 23 January, 2015, 23:00

    Antonio tiene demasiadas novias. Kamala tenia un grande novio. La Guerra comienza pronto.

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