CA Dem vs. CA Dem on taxes

CA Dem vs. CA Dem on taxes

Democrats fighting logoOne-party systems are inherently unstable. People inevitably choose sides. And budget realities always limit what government can do, bringing conflict.

So it’s not surprising Democrats in California, who dominate the minority Republicans despite some GOP gains last November, are fighting among themselves. KPCC reported:

Gov. Jerry Brown orchestrated the successful push for temporary sales and income taxes on Californians three years ago to help ease the state out of recession and close a multibillion-dollar budget gap.

The financial crisis has passed and the economy is rebounding, but the fight over taxes is about to resume.

The Proposition 30 taxes are supposed to phase out by 2018. However, social welfare groups and Democrats in the Legislature, eager to expand programs that suffered cuts during the economic downturn, already are eyeing an extension, along with a host of other taxes, from extending sales taxes to services, increasing taxes on oil and tobacco, and even restructuring Proposition 13 that strictly limits property taxes.

They are likely to meet resistance from Brown. Since returning to Sacramento four years ago, the 76-year-old Democrat has successfully positioned himself as a fiscal moderate with a firm hold on the state’s check book, an image that propelled him to another term that began this month.

Brown is aware that California’s high taxes place a high burden on business. He has touted the state’s economic recovery in his speeches. But he’s aware that other states have lower unemployment and poverty rates.

Moreover, if he’s considering another run for president — which I believe he is — he would want to campaign on a record of fiscal responsibility and resisting blandishments for increasing taxes.

Given Brown’s authority and experience, we can expect him to prevail.


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  1. maximilian
    maximilian 27 January, 2015, 12:53

    This is the elephant in the room. We can debate immigration, pensions, minimum wage and other volatile issues all day long. But, raising taxes and paying for all the goodies the state wants to do is what it’s all about. If you’re a legislator in California with a progressive agenda (most legislators are), then you are immersed in a “raise their taxes” bubble. You are competing with other legislators for all those available dollars and you must promote your programs through increased taxes.

    Like John, I think Brown is maneuvering to run for President. If he holds his Democratic piranha at bay, he’ll have a leg up on any other Democrat for the the nomination…at least he’ll have a good argument. Hillary and Warren certainly don’t have this argument.

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  2. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 27 January, 2015, 18:22

    If the Governor leaves the citizens of CA to run for President in 2016, he won’t get a vote from me!

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  3. bob
    bob 27 January, 2015, 18:36

    “…eager to expand programs that suffered cuts during the economic downturn…”

    Those are code words for “Special Interest Food Fight.” Every trough feeder, crony [email protected] and other special interest are licking their chops and are ready to feast on the taxpayers. And cuts, what cuts? Spending is above where it was then.

    “…already are eyeing an extension, along with a host of other taxes, from extending sales taxes to services, increasing taxes on oil and tobacco, and even restructuring Proposition 13 that strictly limits property taxes.”

    Tax’em to the stoneage!!! Tax the shiite outta ’em!!!

    It’s not enough that Colliefornia (as Ahnode calls it) already is among the highest taxing state in the country. For a good old DemoNcrats taxes can never be high enough.

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  4. bob
    bob 27 January, 2015, 18:42

    And what the heck happens when Brownie is termed out? You think Gavin Pretty Boy Newson or Cramala or any of the other up and coming jokers are going to be nearly as restrained as Browniw? As far as tax increases go, you ain’t seen nothing yet…you will see once Brown leaves.

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    • bob
      bob 27 January, 2015, 18:49

      The Colliefornia voters (as Ahnode sez) better hope the DemoNcrats don’t get back their two-thirds majority in the legislature once Brown leaves or else we will see a repeat of DemoNcrats gone wild.

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  5. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 28 January, 2015, 00:09


    Practice bend over and stretching exercises……be toned up…….Gavin loves ya!

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