CalWatchdog Morning Read – June 27

  • How far can a third party candidate go?
  • Cops lost almost 1,000 guns
  • Democratic leaders say spend Rainy Day Funds on cloudy days too
  • Tom Steyer spending boosts gubernatorial bid
  • Newsom, de León fight over gun control legacy 

Good morning! 

If there was ever an opportunity for a third-party run, now would be it.

Unfavorable opinions among voters of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — the presumptive presidential candidates of the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively — create a do-or-die moment for Libertarians and the Green Party.

But the question is how high can they climb?

CalWatchdog has more. 

In other news:

  • Since 2010, almost 1,000 police-issued firearms have been stolen, lost or who knows, according to The San Jose Mercury News
  • “Democratic legislative leaders are suggesting the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ could help alleviate what Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration projects will be a $4 billion budget deficit in 2019 – even if there is no recession,” writes Capital Public Radio.
  • Will Tom Steyer’s mega spending on behalf of Democratic priorities help him in a gubernatorial
    Tom Steyer

    Tom Steyer

    run? The Los Angeles Times has more. (One of Steyer’s big issues is getting money out of politics — he spent $74 million in the 2014 cycle to spread his message.)
  • And speaking of gubernatorial runs: Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor and candidate for governor in 2016, is fighting with Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León over who will get credit for stricter gun control laws as both have introduced competing plans. The Sacramento Bee has more.     



Gov. Brown:

  • No public events announced.

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