Why Is No One Talking About The Drug War (Marijuana) In The 2020 Presidential Election?

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Right now, we are in the middle of a presidential campaign that is raging. There is one topic that doesn’t usually make the agenda in presidential campaigns, and that is the drug war as well as medical marijuana. A number of the democratic candidates, most of them under political pressure, have come out in favor of some form of marijuana legalization. In the meantime, the Trump administration seems to have backpedaled. Donald Trump was always a social libertarian before he really got involved in politics. He was very critical of the drug war. Now, after he became president, for whatever reason, the Trump administration seems to be pulling back not only on recreational marijuana, but on medical marijuana.

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This, of course, is always a secondary issue even for the Democrats. We want Medicaid for all, we want lower drug prices. Everybody wants something. Have a little freedom. Fact of the matter is, whatever the government decides to do is going to be extremely difficult in terms of reforming an insanely expensive American medical system. Americans pay more (twice as much) per capita on health care as the second place country in the world. Our end outcomes are nowhere near the other countries. We’re paying a whole lot of money and we’re not getting our money’s worth. And hence we have all these debates.

At the same time, we are suppressing a natural medicine that could help millions of people. And we’re still arresting people for using a natural remedy that could help millions of people. This is something that goes to the very heart of everything that is being debated in the presidential campaigns, except that nobody is debating it or representing it directly. This is why we need to make this a really important topic, because it affects the health, the freedom, the whole functioning of law enforcement in the United States. I don’t know why Trump has reversed his position. But this is the issue that could cost Trump the election. And if anybody can get that point through to him, this could make a huge difference for everyone in America. One way or the other.

CBDSeniors.com co-founder Richard Cowan is a long-time marijuana legalization advocate. Cowan’s December 1973 cover-article in the late William F. Buckley’s National Review magazine, calling for American Conservatives to support marijuana legalization drew international attention to the absurdity of marijuana prohibition and was described as opening a new front in the drug war.

In the December 6, 1986 issue of National Review, Cowan’s cover article, “How the Narcs Created Crack,” is credited with introducing “the Iron Law of Prohibition” and became the subject of a book on the economics of contraband, the stronger the drugs.

From August 1992 to August 1995 Cowan served as executive director of NORML. Cowan decided to help found CBDSeniors.com because the remnants of marijuana prohibition continue to block access to CBD in many areas, and prohibition makes standardized testing more difficult. He also wants to de-stigmatize the cannabis plant to senior citizens who were fed lies and misinformation throughout their entire life. Cowan now lives in Europe where he works with marijuana legalization activists.

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