Is It A Good Idea To Combine CBD and THC?

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Although the THC content in most CBD products is at a very low level, the fact is that if you do not want THC, you shouldn’t be getting it. There is another aspect of this, though, that I think is really important. We’ve talked about how there really is not a lot of THC in most CBD products, that this is basically a boogeyman created by the government as a part of the drug war propaganda. But if you don’t want THC, it shouldn’t be in the product. Secondly, if you do want THC, for example, if you want to use both THC and CBD, you can, in medical marijuana states, go to a dispensary, and buy CBD products that have varying amounts of THC. Sometimes 50, 50 or more.

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What I recommend is that you buy your THC and your CBD separately. First off, it will cost you less. Medical marijuana dispensaries are subject to higher taxes and regulations, they have high overhead and so on. So the best place to buy CBD is from someone that sells CBD products directly and not a place that may pay a premium for a product that has both. If you want THC, buy it in whatever form you want it and use it in conjunction with the CBD products because you will pay less for it. You’ll have more control over the way you use it and how you dose it. This is, I think, a really important point. Obviously, I am strongly in favor of the legalization of CBD/THC combined products, but I would never recommend that under normal densities that you buy them as one product. It is really better to buy them as separate products. co-founder is long-time marijuana legalization advocate, Richard Cowan. Cowan’s December 1973 cover-article in the late William F. Buckley’s National Review magazine, calling for American Conservatives to support marijuana legalization drew international attention to the absurdity of marijuana prohibition and was described as opening a new front in the drug war. 

In The December 6, 1986 issue of National Review, Cowan’s cover article, How the Narcs Created Crack, is credited with introducing “the Iron Law of Prohibition” and became the subject of a book on the economics of contraband, the stronger the drugs.

From August 1992 to August 1995 Cowan served as executive director of NORML. Cowan decided to help found because the remnants of marijuana prohibition continue to block access to CBD in many areas, and prohibition makes standardized testing more difficult. He also wants to de-stigmatize the cannabis plant to senior citizens who were fed lies and misinformation throughout their entire life. Cowan now lives in Europe where he works with marijuana legalization activists.

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