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Federal official calls for regulating CA medical marijuana

For once, the Feds have a point. Outgoing Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole has helped alter President Obama’s prohibitionist attitude on state marijuana laws toward one accommodating the differences among the 50 states. In an interview with the Los Angeles

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Friends Remember Alan Bock 0

John Seiler: Our great friend Alan Bock is remembered today in The Orange County Register’s commentary section. Many friends wrote heartfelt short article about this good man’s kindness, wisdom and contributions to liberty. Two of the pieces are by my

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In Memoriam, Alan Bock 0

John Seiler: Our wonderful friend Jocelyne Leger produced a beautiful video on Alan Bock, who died two weeks ago. Alan was a great fighter for liberty and the colleague of Steven Greenhut, Jocelyn and me at The Orange County Register.

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Remembering Alan Bock 0

John Seiler: Our great colleague Alan Bock died last week. Scott Horton conducted three interviews about him that now are online, with Steven Greenhut, Riverside bookstore owner and libertarian Gene Berkman, and myself. Alan was a principled and charitable person and a

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