Federal official calls for regulating CA medical marijuana

Federal official calls for regulating CA medical marijuana

Waiting to InhaleFor once, the Feds have a point. Outgoing Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole has helped alter President Obama’s prohibitionist attitude on state marijuana laws toward one accommodating the differences among the 50 states.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he said, “If you don’t want us prosecuting [marijuana users] in your state, then get your regulatory act together.”

Here’s the problem. In 1996, Californians passed Proposition 215, which legalized medical marijuana. My late colleague Alan Bock’s editorials in the Orange County Register helped pass it. And he wrote a book on medical marijuana, “Waiting to Inhale: The Politics of Medical Marijuana.”

Prop. 215’s language stipulated:

“(C) To encourage the federal and state governments to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana.”

But the Legislature has done next to nothing to implement that language, leaving cities to enact a patch-quilt of contradictory laws. For example, Anaheim has shut down its dispensaries — in violation of Prop. 215.

By contrast, in San Francisco, medical pot is welcome. But the city just said “no to a medical marijuana green-light district.”

That’s 18 years of neglect by the Legislature over an important issue. Maybe they’re out back toking.


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  1. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 21 October, 2014, 10:57

    Your biggest fear is not dopers.

    It’s green cards…about six million of them in California. The President executive action.

    Union activism…all transportatiom, warehousing and delivery jobs go poof and at lower pay and benefits followed by local government jobs filled by lower wage workers followed by store signage in foreign languages due to immigrants gaining purchasing power swaying retail demand trends….and……and…..

    Dynamic times…..can you handle it doomers?

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    • LetitCollapse
      LetitCollapse 21 October, 2014, 12:23

      You sound chipper about the State and nation importing massive quantities of poverty and taking in all the garbage that 3rd world nations want to offload on us. Are you into destroying our Republic or something? What’s your trip?

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  2. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 21 October, 2014, 12:43

    It repulsive that DEA still classifies marijuana as a ‘Class 1’ narcotic, meaning it has no medicinal value – when 80-90% of the medical profession says it does. It’s a medical fact that marijuana helps cancer patients maintain their appetite and prevents patients from barfing up their food once it’s eaten. It’s also known that marijuana helps many people manage their pain. Despite these FACTS the police state refuses to budge an inch. Those drug asset seizure dollars must be too sweet to part with. Don’t ever get caught with weed in your car if you own it. Under the asset seizure laws the cops can take it and sell it at auction – or even use it for themselves if it’s a late model and in fine condition.
    Smoking weed is illegal but I can go down to the local dime store and buy a quart of Apple Andy wine, get blasted out of my mind and climb behind a steering wheel of a car. Who would you rather share the road with? A wino or a weed smoker?
    Full disclosure: I neither smoke weed or drink alchohol.

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    • Wolfman
      Wolfman 22 October, 2014, 09:52

      Making marijuana legal is just another ruize on the American people if you really need it should be prescribed only by a doctors perscription

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  3. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 21 October, 2014, 16:17

    Clipped so,

    My trip is the messenger…green card by the millions in California will bring intense job competition, lower wages and benefits, strikes and union strife, politicans raising minimum wages to pacify the masses about to come out of the shadows….they are mad, aggressive and can be energized politically to change your gated community life forever…..

    These people have been ripped off royally by the rich, contractors, service businesses, sweat shops….their day arrives-

    As far as workers they kick off their jobs with the help on willing employers….I am concerned for them…..cannot read signs or can not converse in foreign languages….fossils in the new California future.

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    • LetitCollapse
      LetitCollapse 21 October, 2014, 17:25

      So let me see if I understand this correctly……
      Flood the job market with cheap foreign labor so that there is an oversupply of workers who are willing to kill each other for a lousy shelf-stocking job @ WalMart and it will magically result in higher pay, bigger benefits and better working conditions for the common man. heh. Sounds more like a dream world for the rich, contractors, service businesses and sweat shops. This, of course, does not even address the unintended consequence of high rates of unemployment and the need for more public assistance in the environment you desire.
      I suggest you enroll in a basic community college econ class to learn about the dynamics of supply and demand, and how they apply to the labor market. 🙂

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  4. Ulusses Uhaul
    Ulusses Uhaul 21 October, 2014, 19:53

    ElClipped So

    Just the messemger news carrier….that is it…..I had 14 courses in economics in colleges…..I know it is complex for you….so…here goes….

    Alinsky……..overload the system…chaos……subvert the rule of law…….now economics

    American worker high pay and benefits……immigrant worker just wants work and O’s safety net

    All politicans want to be loved and needed

    Greedy employers work the creases

    Rich get richer

    American workers get retrained by teacher unions

    America transfigured and middle classed redistributed


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    • LetitCollapse
      LetitCollapse 21 October, 2014, 22:38

      “I had 14 courses in economics in colleges…”

      Sure you do. I have 6 PhD’s in small particle molecular physics too. heh. 🙂

      When you overload a system it doesn’t improve, genius. It collapses.

      According to your theory if America went to all 4 corners of the earth and put the entire global indigent population on transport ships and brought them home to compete in the employment market, that job pay and benefits would increase exponentially and we would have the strongest kick-butt nation in the history of man!!! LOL!!! 😀 😀 😀

      Laughable!!! LOL!!!

      Would you mind telling us which college(s) you were enrolled in when you took those 14 econ courses? Just curious? 😀

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  5. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 22 October, 2014, 01:28

    Jeb Bush and Rubio say massiveimmigration will make America boom……they are moderate doomers…eh?

    Republican Party said Herbert Hoover would put a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage during a massive influx of immigrants….

    That’s your economics lesson for Wed ElClippedSo.

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    • LetitCollapse
      LetitCollapse 22 October, 2014, 06:08

      Naturally you avoided my common sense comment(s) in my last post. We tend to avoid facts that upset our view of the world, don’t we?

      Jeb Bush and Rubio are political opportunists who would bury the nation for personal gain.

      Immigration during Hoover’s term was orderly. Immigrants were evaluated and screened. If they did not meet certain standards, physicially and mentally, they were not allowed into the country. Someday you should go to NYC and take a tour of Ellis Island and learn something. Living in ignorance is no way to live.

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  6. Curtis Walker
    Curtis Walker 22 October, 2014, 09:39

    Nevada County CA has MEASURE S on the ballot this November to redo regulations for MMJ Because of a far right ring sheriff and his cronies on the Board of Supervisors came up with an Insein ordinance which keeps the sheriffs office busy busting people when the sheriff himself says the big problem is in the national forest so there needs to be a statewide ordinance or law to keepzealots from doing all they can keep people from getting affordable medical marijuana and easily available to those who need it. This includes reasonable grow guidance. Frankly the sheriffs office should be coming out proactively in helping growers locally grow it properly meeting the state law not some ordinance.

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  7. DavidfromLosGatos
    DavidfromLosGatos 22 October, 2014, 14:13

    The war on drugs will be over at some point when enough of the remaining present warriors die off. Very difficult to keep minting new warriors now that the propaganda won’t work. “Save the children” is all they are left with. Ruining the lives of their kids and grand kids in order to save their kids and grandkids makes perfect sense to the old drug warriors, even if it makes no sense to their kids and grand kids, unless said kids and grandkids work for prison-pharmaceutical-drug counseling-DEA-militarized police industry, and rely on demonization to justify their livelihoods.

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  8. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 22 October, 2014, 18:09

    The other day I talked to a marine who recently ETS’ed and lives in the neighborhood. He served in Afghanistan. I asked him what he did over there. He said “I guarded the poppy fields”. heh. And he didn’t smile after he said it. heh. The entire ‘war on drugs’ is a total farce. It’s a money making operation for the gov. I read that since 2002 the gov has spent about $8B on the ‘war on drugs’ in Afghanistan. And in 2013 they produced a record cultivation of poppies. heh. Make you wonder where the hell that $8B really went, doesn’t it? Use you imagination. 😉

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