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Gov. Brown is pushing ‘social justice’ 27

May 3, 2013 By B. Wayne Hughes Jr. The Social Justice movement that seems to be everywhere, if only in theory, has broken through the veil of being but a notion, and spread its way into the real world. Recently

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Restoring the GOP and the American Dream 28

Commentary Dec. 20, 2012 By B. Wayne Hughes Jr. The Republican Party lost the presidential election of 2012. Here in California, my own state doubled down on big government by adding a novel surcharge to its already high 11.3 percent income

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The California train to nowhere 13

Sept. 18, 2012 By B. Wayne Hughes Jr. This past July, the California Legislature approved starting construction on the first 130 miles of the much hyped high-speed rail from San Francisco to Anaheim.  That’s an ante of $8 billion just

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