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Proposed bill would mandate 100 percent renewable energy in California

  Joining a would-be trend that includes lawmakers in deep blue Massachusetts, Senate majority leader Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, has unveiled a new proposal that could become California Democrats’ answer to the limits of cap-and-trade.  “The California Senate leader has introduced legislation that

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CA kickstarts Musk’s new battery empire

With now-customary flair, Tesla chief Elon Musk announced his company’s latest foray — this time, into residential and commercial battery power storage. Aiming high The Los Angeles Times reported that “Musk introduced a new line of residential and commercial batteries [recently] in

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Sacramento unplugs Brown battery plan

  At its Sept. 4 meeting, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District deferred deploying batteries along its electric grid in compliance with Assembly Bill 2514 of 2010. The reason: energy storage was not economically feasible. (See p. 93 and p. 143 of the Board

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