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CA Dems face election year divides

Conflicts over the spoils of Democratic leadership in California have come to define the party’s prospects and future in 2016 and beyond. Division and disagreement Falling victim to their extreme dominance in statewide politics, an increasing number of Democrats have sharpened their blades

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Sanders/Clinton split could sting CA Dems

California Democrats divided amidst their own dominance — along lines of class, geography and spending policy — can add another fracture line to the mix: the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for their party’s presidential nomination. “En route

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Hillary Clinton moves to consolidate support of CA Dems

Sensing an opportunity to shore up her base and fuel a resurgence, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has moved swiftly to consolidate support and spur new enthusiasm among friends and allies in California. Return visits An early November sweep through the Bay Area

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Clinton crisis renews Brown buzz

With doubts swirling around the Democrats’ leading candidates for president, speculation has returned that Gov. Jerry Brown could enter the race. Even some analysts skeptical than he will jump in have suggested that, under the circumstances, he nonetheless should do so.

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