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Caltrans requesting millions to “resolve” decades of improper drilling

Two years after admitting it defied state and local laws protecting against groundwater contamination for nearly a quarter century, Caltrans has yet to disclose how much it will cost to “resolve” the thousands of improperly-drilled and improperly-sealed exploratory wells throughout the state. CalWatchdog has

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CA utilities commission plays dangerous game with power grid security

The latest tit-for-tat between lawmakers and the California Public Utilities Commission has brought back bad memories of an in-state — and unsolved — national security threat. The tiff began when the CPUC “hired outside lawyers as federal and state investigators

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UCs use Brown agreement for salary boost

Its budgetary outlook finally clear, the University of California system has pivoted quickly from planning to spending. With negotiations concluded between UC president Janet Napolitano and Gov. Jerry Brown, the board of regents has ushered in a substantial salary hike for

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Video: An unsustainable recovery in California

Former California State Finance Director Tom Campbell gives his take on California’s economic outlook.  

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