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Leg Analyst: Fix CA lost-and-found program

California needs to find ways to improve its lost-and-found program. That’s the conclusion of a new report by Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor. He reviewed the state program for returning unclaimed property to its rightful owners. At the end of 2014, the state

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LAO questions legality of plan to use cap-and-trade $ on bullet train

The governor’s just-released 2014-15  budget proposes to spend $850 million from cap-and-trade auction revenue on various projects — including the state’s high-speed rail project. That would defy the very purpose of cap-and-trade. In a new report on the spending plan,

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Calif. universities could expand without tax increases 0

July 30, 2012 By Michael Poliakoff and Andrew Gillen From coast to coast, discontent rocks the great flagship universities. State funding is declining and institutions are responding with ever rising tuitions. But the response is far from inevitable. Remedies are

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