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Legal cannabis industry continues to struggle in California

The drumbeat of disappointment over the slow start of legal marijuana in California keeps building with many dispensary owners, growers and local and state elected officials bewailing the robust health of the illegal cannabis black market. Last week, state officials

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Cheap illegal cannabis sharply undercutting legal pot industry

California’s first year with legal recreational sales of marijuana is wrapping up with a series of downbeat reports on a new industry struggling to find its footing. An Associated Press analysis posted Sunday said estimated legal sales of cannabis would total

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California bill would make it easier to clear pot convictions from criminal record

Recently proposed legislation would make it easier for Californians to have their pot convictions wiped away, in just the latest drug policy development following marijuana legalization on a state level earlier this year.   Under Proposition 64, California residents can

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How will California’s four U.S. attorneys respond on pot after Sessions’ policy change?

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Jan. 4 announcement that he had revoked the Obama administration’s policy of allowing states to make marijuana use and sales legal without fearing a federal crackdown and would leave it up to his 94 local

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New Year welcomes legal pot in California, but rules are not yet clear

SACRAMENTO – In November, 2016, California voters approved an initiative (Proposition 64) legalizing recreational uses of marijuana, with legal sales beginning on Monday, Jan. 1. But with all major legal changes, the rules are somewhat unclear as a mish-mash of

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Officials eye statewide marijuana regs

With marijuana legalization initiatives looming, Sacramento has turned its attention to standardizing regulations covering the popular decriminalized drug. Competing alternatives Legislators have advanced two different proposals, differing largely in how much regulatory control they leave to local government. The plan put forward by Assemblyman

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