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2020 vision: California Democrats fire back at DOJ proposal to ask about citizenship on census

A request from the Justice Department to the Census Bureau to add a question on American citizenship to the 2020 census has California Democrats firing back over concerns that illegal immigrants will choose not to participate, possibly causing the state

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Demographers eye no-growth future for California

  Driven by rising out-migration and falling birth rates, California’s population growth has stalled, leading analysts to consider a possible forecast of a so-called “no-growth” period in the future. Although Americans nationwide have been flooding south and west for years,

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Are millennials being priced out of California?

Are millennials being priced out of California? A recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau analyzing statistics from the latest American Community Survey showed the Millennial Generation is struggling to find full-time employment, obtain affordable housing and reach financial independence. The problems

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