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State Community College accreditor determined unfit after five decades

In deciding last week to remove the body that accredits community colleges in California, state commissioners erased five decades of authority and opened the door to a new oversight body. The move to get a new accreditation plan in place

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Bill would strip corruption protections from university employees

May 13, 2013 By Katy Grimes SACRAMENTO — Public contracts should always be subjected to stiff scrutiny. Without public scrutiny and oversight, spending other people’s money is too easy. But a new Assembly bill would not only increase the amount

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Little Hoover Critiques Community Colleges

JUNE 28, 2011 By DAVE ROBERTS If California’s educational system were a student, it would be made to sit on a stool in the corner with a dunce cap on its head. Nearly one in four Californians is functionally illiterate,

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