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Property owners resist high-speed rail condemning land

Building public projects often involves acquiring land. That usually means using eminent domain to take private property with “just compensation,” as mandated by the Fifth Amendment. California’s high-speed rail project now is acquiring the land needed for construction, but is

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CA Supreme Court ‘all aboard’ for high-speed rail

All aboooooard! In what probably is the last train stop of opposition to California’s high-speed rail project, today the California Supreme Court refused to hear a case that could have stopped it. The case, by Kings County and two local landowners

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Most East Coast media misjudge CA bullet train 11

Feb. 19, 2013 By Chris Reed The immense perception gap between East Coast and West Coast journalists when it comes to reporting on the Golden State was never in sharper relief than in 2003. If you were in California, the

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