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2020 vision: California Democrats fire back at DOJ proposal to ask about citizenship on census

A request from the Justice Department to the Census Bureau to add a question on American citizenship to the 2020 census has California Democrats firing back over concerns that illegal immigrants will choose not to participate, possibly causing the state

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Bill blocking law enforcement from seizing property without convictions nearing return

Lawmakers and civil-liberty groups are ratcheting up public support for a bill that closes a loophole allowing local law enforcement agencies to seize citizens’ property without a criminal conviction — a practice dubbed “policing for profit.” Current California law already bars the practice

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Department of Justice drops suit against Apple

  The ongoing legal struggle between Apple and the Department of Justice shifted dramatically as federal officials dropped their effort to force the Cupertino tech giant to grant access to the iPhone used by Syed Farook, the terrorist who perpetrated the San

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CA rejects VW recall plan

Thanks to California regulators, Volkswagen hasn’t yet found a way out of worldwide trouble. Federal agencies have flexed their muscles in tandem. “U.S. regulators rejected Volkswagen AG’s plan for recalling nearly 500,000 diesel-powered cars,” as the Wall Street Journal noted. “The Environmental Protection Agency,

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Asset forfeiture reform draws bipartisan buzz

Amid growing national concern over the practice of so-called civil asset forfeiture, bipartisan support has swelled in California to reform the practice, with a new bill poised to add Assembly to Senate approval. An emerging consensus Asset forfeiture, wherein law enforcement retains

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