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Barterers Beware: Taxman wants his take

Jan. 24, 2014 By John Hrabe A&E’s “Barter Kings” make trading look easy. In one recent episode, professional traders Antonio Palazzola and Steve McHugh started with a beer-making kit, and through a series of transactions, ultimately walked away with a

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Crazifornia: Franchise Tax Board kills the Golden State Goose

Jan. 22, 2013 By Laer Pearce California’s hostility towards business, and willingness to tax it into oblivion, is storied. As State Senator Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, is quoted in my recent book, “Crazifornia“: “I am tired of my constituents and other

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Tax board attack on business: Do governor’s appointees just tune him out?

Commentary Jan. 18, 2013 By Chris Reed That California is extraordinarily hostile to business is accepted as a given by just about everyone who is an executive, manager or small-business owner in the state.  But Democrats and some in the

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Finally, something important

In marked contrast to the foolishness and irrelevance that surrounds the controversy over who will be California’s next lieutenant governor, the California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes just released this report, which explains how Governor Schwarzenegger’s furlough of 5,300

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