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CA transparency reform initiative filed

A new state ballot initiative aimed at bringing greater transparency to Sacramento has been filed with the attorney general’s office. Charles Munger, Jr., one of the state GOP’s most substantial activists and donors, linked up with former state Sen. Sam

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Financial transparency bill clears CA Assembly

Legislation to increase requirements for financial disclosures for government officials passed the state Assembly on Tuesday in a unanimous 66-0 vote. Assembly Bill 10, authored by Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D-Glendale, modernizes the Form 500 disclosure document in five ways: “Clarify

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Amid Capitol’s gift extravagance, Gatto sets standard for ethics

Mike Gatto’s life is an open book. Last January, his daughter, Evangelina, received a $50 gift certificate from a family friend. During the summer recess, he enjoyed dinner with a star of CSI: Miami. In October, one stock in his investment

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Governor punishes press for negativity just like any primitive pol

June 20, 2013 By Chris Reed Jerry Brown’s speaking style — learned, florid, meandering — is so unusual that he’ll always be able to get away with his shtick that he’s not like other politicians. But his appalling push to

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