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Walters Wrong: Arnold DID Wreck Budget

MAY 30, 2011 By JOHN SEILER Dan Walters is the dean of California columnists. But sometimes he gets one wrong. In the wake of ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal problems, attacks have increased on Arnold’s performance as governor, especially on the

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Arnold and Maria are Splitsville

John Seiler: It’s too bad that ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, are splitting up. That’s their personal business. But it’s worth remembering that Maria dominated Arnold during the last five years of his governorship. Californians thought they

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Recall May Be GOP's Only Power Left

APRIL 5, 2011 By JOHN SEILER Say what you will about the defects of the two-party system. At least it’s not a one-party system nationally. But California increasingly is a one-party state, with Democrats dominant and Republicans down and out.

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Import Gov. Cuomo to California!

John Seiler: Why is it that, whether our governors are Democrat or Republican, they always increase taxes? Republican Govs. Wilson and Schwarzenegger increased taxes. So did Democratic Gov. Gray Davis. And Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown now is pushing $12 billion

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Arnold's seven wasted years

SEPT. 7, 2010 By JOHN SEILER With Labor Day marking the traditional beginning of the campaign season, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s seven years as governor of California essentially are behind us. He will still have influence on the fiscal 2010-10 state

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