Import Gov. Cuomo to California!

John Seiler:

Why is it that, whether our governors are Democrat or Republican, they always increase taxes? Republican Govs. Wilson and Schwarzenegger increased taxes. So did Democratic Gov. Gray Davis. And Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown now is pushing $12 billion in tax hikes.

Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, a good, card-carrying liberal Democrat, even the scion of liberal icon and former Gov. Mario Cuomo, is balancing his budget with cuts, not tax increases. The New York Post:

ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo routed a recalcitrant Legislature to secure a decisive first victory yesterday by delivering an early budget deal that would erase a $10 billion gap and shake up state government without borrowing or tax hikes….

The plan would empower the governor to close as many as six prisons and cut the number of state agencies by 20 percent. It would merge the Banking and Insurance departments and cut projected Medicaid growth by $2.8 billion.

It would not renew an income-tax surcharge on the rich, which [Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon] Silver had championed as a way to offset massive cuts.

See, it can be done.

It’s obvious what we need to do: Import Gov. Cuomo to Sacramento. Make him an honorary Californian. Give him a vacation house on the beach in Malibu and a hefty salary. And put him to work on California’s budget deficit.

Problem Solved: a balanced budget without tax increases or borrowing.

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