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Germans turn on CA-style green energy push

California may think of itself as the epicenter of the green religion, but even more extreme environmentalism has been playing out in Europe. In Germany, the result is increasingly sharp disillusionment. The Washington Times has the details: “[Germany moved] to

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Four years later, media still spreading the AB 32 Kool-Aid 0

Nov. 12 By Chris Reed In the Bush 43 era, some pundits on the left took to decrying the media practice of treating quotes from the White House with the same respect as quotes from its critics. They said this

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New York Times’ ignorance on California: How it’s revealing about state Dems, media 11

Oct. 15, 2012 By Chris Reed On Sunday, The New York Times printed a long article about the California government’s move to implement AB 32, the landmark 2006 state law forcing a shift to cleaner but costlier types of energy.

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