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Lawsuit could highlight flimsy government privacy claims

For decades, California government officials have said privacy laws prevent them from disclosing information about employees’ misbehavior — up to and including petty corruption. The claims have always been dubious, according to experts on state privacy and labor relations statutes.

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San Diego school board backs embattled president

Last week, at least one member of the San Diego school board — Vice President John Lee Evans — appeared to be deeply concerned at the least after a series of reports from the Voice of San Diego about school

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New bombshells in San Diego school board scandal

Two new reports provide fresh heft to allegations that San Diego school board President Marne Foster has abused her power. Both relate to what happened at the district’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, where her son graduated last year.

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AG questions San Diego school board chief

For the second time in recent months, San Diego Unified School Board President Marne Foster is facing official scrutiny over her conduct. The California Attorney General’s Office has questioned the legality of a raffle held at an unusual July 25

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