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Feds probe Nestle’s CA operations

Nestle, which has spent months weathering attacks on its water bottling practices in California, has been targeted by the federal government for investigation. “Under pressure from environmental groups’ lawsuits, the U.S. Forest Service has begun a comprehensive environmental review of Switzerland-based bottled water

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Protests erupt at Nestlé bottling plants in Sacramento and L.A.

Earlier this week, local California activists and concerned residents led protests against Nestlé at bottling plants located in Los Angeles and Sacramento. A joint press release stated Wednesday: At the protests, in Los Angeles and Sacramento, activists delivered more than 500,000 signatures

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CA recycled water scheme a tough sell

Looking for an edge in coping with California’s drought, officials around the state have embarked on a public relations campaign for recycled drinking water. Proponents of the new push hoped to capitalize on the bad publicity hitting the bottled water industry, where

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